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Blockchain UNILORIN Crypto Hangout: CoinEx Empowers the Next Generation of Blockchain Enthusiasts

In an engaging and educational event held on November 20th, 2023, the Blockchain UNILORIN Crypto Hangout brought over  500  attendees together at Ilorin, the first of its kind in (North Central Region) Nigeria. Organized in partnership with LegalpreneurLp, Registat, Cryptobootcamp, and other notable organizations, the crypto hangout aimed to introduce participants to the world of blockchain and explore the numerous advantages the technology has to offer.

The main sponsor of the event was CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making crypto trading easier. A renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform, which played a crucial role in the sponsoring of the event. CoinEx representatives delivered a workshop on how to navigate the platform, ensuring that attendees gained practical knowledge on utilizing blockchain technology effectively.

The hangout featured four panel sessions and talks from various industry experts. One notable speaker delved into the advantages and challenges of blockchain technology, enlightening the audience on its potential to transform industries and streamline processes. Another speaker captivated attendees with a presentation on the evolving concept of web5, showcasing the future possibilities of the internet.

Throughout the hangout, audience engagement was exceptional, with participants actively participating in games, questions and answers, raffle draw and giveaways organised by CoinEx. Winners received generous prizes, including CoinEx’s CET tokens and shirts, pen and other exclusive merchandise from the platform.

The event’s success can be attributed to the diverse range of attendees, encompassing both students eager to learn about blockchain and experienced individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in the field.

The keynote address was delivered by a notable CoinEx representative who in his lecture emphasized the importance of blockchain technology and its potential role in shaping the future of finance and beyond. He also provided insights into the advantages and challenges of blockchain technology, showcasing how it has the potential to revolutionise industries while highlighting the need for further exploration and understanding. With the BUCH”23 culminating successfully at a beautiful end, it served as a catalyst for fostering curiosity, understanding, and interest in blockchain technology and provided attendees with a glimpse into the world of CoinEx, a leading player in the crypto exchange industry.

With its commitment to fostering education and driving adoption, CoinEx continues to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Through its partnership with esteemed organizations and dedicated initiatives like the Blockchain UNILORIN Crypto Hangout, CoinEx provides invaluable opportunities for individuals to understand and engage with this transformative technology.

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