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Blind native doctor defrauds old woman of N19m, sleeps with her daughter, granddaughter

An 86-year-old woman has found herself in a conundrum owing to her desperate effort to protect her children from the clutches of death.

It was gathered that the woman identified simply as Madam Alimot lost 12 out of her 15 children, one after the other and it left her totally shattered.

But tragedy still encircled her home as one of the remaining three children was also hit by a strange illness last year, leading her to begin a frantic search for solution.

Blind herbalist fraud

In the process, she stumbled on a weekly radio progrmme in Ogun State, where a blind native doctor was advertised as a man with mystical powers to heal the sick and see visions about people’s life issues.

She visited his home in Ogijo to seek his powers in healing her ailing daughter. Unknown to Alimot, she had walked into the dragnet of a fraudster.

Adefemi reportedly told Madam Alimot that death was hovering around her household and could only be averted through an atonement requiring a sacrifice with a cow.

madam alimot blind herbalist
                                                       Madam Alimot and daughter, Bose

The desperate woman promptly provided the amount requested for the sacrifice, setting off a chain of subsequent requests for additional money for unexpected sacrifices that gulped a total of N19 million.

However, when she realised it was all a scam, the women had sold her two buildings while her daughter and granddaughter had warmed the herbalist’s bed several times.

Alimot said: “He said we were taking the big cow to Agbara and later changed it to Mowo area of Badagry. We were asked to enter the house with our back to the door, and we saw a well-built young man on the floor. He said the cow we gave him money to buy had turned into a man.

“He asked me to pray on the young man’s body and stab him to death but I declined. They took our photographs and I challenged him to take our photograph at the scene while I held the knife in my hand. We were shown plenty of cash of different denominations stuffed in a sack.

“Babalawo Ojunu (Owolabi Adefemi) and one old man called Agbaakin, who we met in the building, then said that we could not take the money because we did not come with the third person. We left the place without the money.

“When we went back to him, he also did not give us the money. Instead, he said the money would just appear in my house with at night. Later, he said a monarch in Ile-Ife, Osun State had summoned him over my matter and that a sum of N2 million was needed to pacify the monarch.

“We ended up paying him the sum of N5 million on that day, but he never gave me any charm for my sick child and the child has not died contrary to what he said to cajole me to sell my houses and give him the proceeds of the sale.

“I sold the house I had built with N9 million for N5 million and gave him the money. I also sold another house and gave him the money, totalling about N19 million. I want to collect my money from Owolabi Adefemi a.k.a. Ojunu and Nigerians should help me because I don’t have anywhere to call home anymore.

“I have also developed high blood pressure, among other complications, as a result of this predicament of mine. My drugs cost N15,000 and I don’t even have money to buy the drugs as I speak.”