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Black Market Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today, 7th April, 2023

With the inability of Nigerians to get access to dollars for their businesses and international transactions, black market has become a go to place for many to get dollar for their needs.

You can get dollars from Aboki in different part of the countries or from individual who has and are willing to sell. CorrectNG covers a daily report on the current black market dollar to naira exchange rate to guide you with you sales and purchases of the hard currency.

This week, we have seen the dollar fluctuate between ₦732 to ₦745 naira per dollars. As at yesterday, the dollar was selling for ₦740 per 1 USD. Get a more detailed and historical report of the black market dollar to naira exchange rate

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today

Black Market Rates

1 USD₦ 755₦ 740
1 GBP₦ 948₦ 938
1 EUR₦ 830₦ 820

Online Rates (USD)

PayDay₦ 773₦ 735
Chipper₦ 0₦ 0
Fundall₦ 0₦ 0


1 USD750₦ 740
50 USD37,50037,000
100 USD₦ 75,000 74,000
150 USD112,500 111,000
200 USD150,000 148,000
250 USD187,500 185,000
500 USD375,000 370,000
1000 USD₦ 750,000 740,000
1500 USD1,125,000 1,110,000
2000 USD1,500,000 1,480,000

We have seen no price change in the dollar to naira exchange rate from the prices we got yesterday. View a more detailed report on Payday dollar to naira rate with both British pounds and euros.

With the restriction imposed on the naira debit card by the federal government of Nigeria, fintech firms like Payday and Chipper Cash has become the go to place of many Nigerians to pay for services online.