Bizzle Osikoya recalls how a friend chided him for reporting staff over online comment

Nigerian music executive, Bizzle Osikoya, has shared how his friend once schooled him when he reported one of the man’s employees over an unsavory comment on social media.

Osikoya revealed that someone made a tweet which did not sit well with him, so he reported the person to his boss who happened to be his buddie.

However, his friend who lives and runs his company abroad, refused to reprimand the worker and instead chided him in their chat which he reposted on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of the message he received, Bizzle wrote; “I remember one time I, I hit up someone about a tweet his staff put up, And this was his reply below. I felt sooo stvpid.”

The record label executive’s friend had told him that there is freedom of speech and as much as he may not agree with the employee’s opinion he’s a valuable member of the team and as such cannot just let him go.

The message read; “I understand that some people may be offended by his comments but as you know we have freedom of speech especially in the age of the internet.

I appreciate your concerns bro but hes also a close friend and a great asset to my team g, so I’m not about to fuck that up. 1:01 PM

This ain’t Nigeria my g, you guys get too emotional about social media and bully your staff over personal opinions they have. We don’t do that around here bro.”

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Bizzle Osikoya recalls how friend criticised him for reporting staff over online comment