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Billionaire, Elon Musk reveals he still sleeps on his friend’s couch

CEO of Tesla and Twitter, Elon Musk has revealed the type of simple life he lives despite being the third richest man in the world.

He disclosed that contrary to widespread belief, he recently slept on a friend’s couch and not a castle.

This revelation came after a fan named Gaut shared a photo on microblogging platform, Twitter and claimed that it was Musk’s bedroom.

Gaut had expressed amazement that the SpaceX boss, who is worth 188 billion dollars could be sleeping in such a simple room.

But in Forbes latest report on World’s Richest Men, Elon’s net worth as at April 2022 stood at $202 billion.

In the trending photo, there was a mattress laid out on the tiled floor and a laptop was plugged into the wall socket.

The room was spacious going by angle of the camera which captured the bed in a small corner.

Gaut wrote; “Elon Musk is worth $188B.

One of the richest people in the world.

This is his bedroom:”

In reaction, Musk noted that Gaut was not totally wrong as he slept on a friend’s couch the previous weekend

“Not totally wrong. Slept on a friend’s couch last weekend,” the billionaire wrote.

Meanwhile, the photo of the bedroom allegedly belonging to Musk has been flagged as false because he lives in a 3-bedroom house in Texas, USA, which is valued at $45,000.