Big goat, cartons of beer – Man receives ‘mandatory funeral list’ from late landlord’s family

A Nigerian man simply known as Tolu has shared the outrageous letter he received from the family members of his landlord, who recently passed away.

In the letter contained a list of items the expected him to contribute for in respect of the deceased’s burial ceremony.

What was demanded of Tolu included the sum of N150,000, a goat, a bottle of Schnapps, 5 packs of beer, Palm wine, and other ludicrous items.

They family also told him that they know he won’t be able to attend the funeral taking place in the south-eastern region which is why they made the demands.

Sharing a screenshot, Tolu wrote; “Got this yesterday. I don’t understand Nigerians again o. I’ve not even live up to a year there. They’re Igbo, I’m Yoruba. I only met the man twice. Zero relationship with the family. I’ve been laughing intermittently since yesterday night.”

Man in disbelief as he receives mandatory funeral list from late landlord's family

The letter reads;

Dear Sir,

I am writing to let you know that your Landlord, who passed away on 13th November 2023 will be buried later this month on 30th March 2024. I am well aware that you may not be able to attend the ceremony in the cast but we demand your contribution towards his burial.

The following items will be your contribution towards his funeral:

1 bottle of Schnapps and N5,000 for opening prayer

One big goat

5 packs of Heineken beer

5 cartons of beer

5 packs of Malt drinks

Palm wine

Igbo kolanut (16)

Cash contribution of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000). Thank you for your cooperation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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