Big boy publicly embarrassed for living lavishly online while allegedly owing $16k

A Nigerian man living in Winnipeg, Canada confronted a Snapchat big boy for being a debtor and still having the audacity to be spending money lavishly.

He claimed the internet rich kid borrowed $16,000 from him and has been dodging him in a bid to avoid paying back.

The lender caught the debtor when he was chilling in a relaxation spot and demanded the money he owed.

He sought to expose the big boy by filming him and making everyone realise that he lives a fake life on social media.

In a video which surfaced online, the big boy was sitting on a sofa in a lounge and acting really calm while the friend continued to shout at him.

The young man kept asking him to remit a fraction of the $16,000 but he was unable to give a satisfactory answer.

He wondered if the guy did not have money in hi account to pay up his debt.

At some point, the big boy claimed he was not owing anyone but it angered the person confronting him as he threatened to give him a hot slap.

Watch the video below:

thefoodnetworknig2; Such an ajebutter para! You still dey “spoke” oyinbo! Na why dem kolobi you ! Cutie 🥺

hiebywhumey; For this kain sapa mood! Abeg once you collect the money try do giveaway 🚶🏾‍♀️

lyndamaka; Stop embarrassing him like that na….. This is something that can be settled privately

emmanuel_deci; Na today them start to they owe person money Mtchewww!!! 😒😒😒

teezpapi_; Make una handle the matter well o..I no wan hear say them stab or shoot person..

donvik82; Exactly reason why so many people get killed. If you borrow, then try to pay back. Agreement na agreement. Sadly, it’s always a different talk when it’s time to pay back.

prettypresh10; Dem no dey put mouth for aza man matter

lanreicecream; Una like stress sha. Nothing like peace of mind. Why go through all dis stress to impress people wey no send you.

thequeen_mofola; Recording and posting it online means you don’t need the money again

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Ibrahim Kazeem, has narrated how police officers allegedly harrassed and extorted his friend, who works remotely.

He said his friend just moved to a new place in Ilorin, Kwara state, but because he always stays indoors to do some work, it raised suspicion.

Neighbours apparently reported the man to police, who then stormed his house to question him for always being inside.

He explained that he was a remote worker, but they did not believe there was any concept like ‘working from home’

According to Kazeem who narrated the incident on Twitter, his friend’s phone was seized to prevent him from further contacting his lawyer for help.

He wrote; ‘‘My friend moved to his house in the outskirts of Ilọrin 3 months ago. Police went to his home this morning that he was reported to be staying indoors 2much.

He told dem he’s a remote worker but they said there’s nothing remote about working. They took his phone so he won’t be able to follow up with his lawyer after reaching him.

They left him this night after harassing and extorting him. Even in your house, you can sit down and injure your neck(read in yoruba). A new low for the men in Aṣọ opo. Sigh.”