Big Boy gets his head shaved in detention after allegedly using fake transfer at club (Video)

A Nigerian man has been subjected to embarrassment after he allegedly used fake transfer at a night club.

He was said to have met a money changer working at the club and collected cash but sent a fake credit alert and was caught.

A video which surfaced on social media captures the suspect getting his head shaved while in detention.

Someone in the background could be heard narrating what happened at the club where the big boy was apprehended.

Mixed reactions have greeted the incident as some netizens believe the hair-shaving was unnecessary.

Watch the clip below:

rozybaby_oap; How I hate to see a man being treated like this by his fellow men. They make him vulnerable and it’s not man like, how can I unsee this?

1youngkeed; This man fit be innocent, free him. I was wrong accused of this twice and I paid twice for each till I get the confirmation from my bank

hamilton_sure; Oba Anambra 😂 things dey sub for that side…. The new development is bringing lots of things to their doorstep but Oba is a fearless village. On how you do anyhow there you go collect anyhow….. Them no tell this abobi say we way be obosi boys no dey even go there mess up 😂😂

boymekx; Wetin man dey see for life ehh, If you no know the real story no believe. I pray you never get locked up

iam_patomarley; If u no get money sit down for your house 🏡

dodomayana0; With all honesty wat does shaving someone’s hair have to do with stealing

royalboing; He supposed dey happy for the free hair cut, person wey dey do fake transfer where he wan see money take cut him hair

matt_victor_1; Why touch his hair hand him over to the police you have no right touching his hair.