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Best 10 Places To Visit In Nigeria This Valentine



Valentine’s Day spurs up the spirit and feeling of love. This special day is celebrated worldwide in honor of love. It is not always about chocolate and the cliché singlet and boxers gift items. Sometimes it is more blessed to create good and pleasurable memories. One way to achieve this is to visit some wonderful spots with the best excitement life can give. Surprising your spouse or date with this special package will blow their minds away.

Here’s a list of the best places you can visit this valentine.

Whispering Palms Hotel and Resort, Badagry.

Everything you need for a perfect romantic getaway can be found at the Whispering Palms Hotel and Resort. Speak of the cool breeze emanating from the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful scenery, a mini zoo, a museum (where you can find artifacts or items which includes historical slave chains, boats, pictures of some slave route and many more), opportunity to go on a pleasant boat ride with your spouse, some sporting activities which includes volleyball, swimming pool, football, etc. The food is both local and continental with a home warming service.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River.

Obudu mountain resort is a well-known ranch and resort on the Obudu Plateau. It is a splendid resort getaway defined on altitude to provide her visitors with the best encounter of invigorating mountain air and a great view of the plateau, clear stream and waterfall. The reserve is filled with birds of rare species and other animals. A true romantic spot for everyone to explore.[AdSense-A]

Ikogosi warm spring, Ekiti

The ikogosi warm spring is a beautiful romantic spot for couples who appreciate the gift of nature. A beautiful view of the cold spring and warm spring flowing abreast. At the point where they meet, nothing changes, they flow continually without changing temperature. It is a perfect place to visit this Valentine.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

This is a private beach resort where they combine African themed hospitality with modern luxury. Imagine a clean beach, lagoon and mangrove forest that provides visitors with the opportunity to observe a variety of tropical fauna and flora that includes snake trees, mangroves and various species of epiphytes at a clear and wide view. Imagine the beauty and the opportunity La champagne Tropicana beach resort provides. Enough to blow your mind away.

Guarara waterfalls, Niger.

Guarara falls

A beautiful natural habitat located in North-central Nigeria. A beautiful sight to behold. The Guarara waterfalls. You can also enjoy a cool bath at the bottom of the waterfall, where you can find a transparent pool. Guarara waterfall is a place to create beautiful and long-lasting memories.

La Manga luxury beach villas, Lagos.

A bit of paradise, beautiful ocean view, invigorating air, luxury accommodation, etc, all you can find in this glamorous villa on the island of Ilashe. It promises you a valentine you will never forget.[AdSense-A]

Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos.


This is a world class resort that provides couples with real romantic experience, a relaxing environment, and delicious local dishes. This resort combines contemporary with traditional. It’s a beautiful place to visit this Valentine.

Lekki Leisure Lake, Lagos.

This is a place where you can get one of the finest beaches. Enjoy a boat tour, outdoor activities such as quad biking, jet skiing, zip lining and many more. If you are the adventurous type, this is a place you should visit for valentine.

Omu Resort Ibeju Lekki

Omu resort is set in a rainforest environment. It allows guest to enjoy the wonders of nature. Outside of being a romantic center to visit, it has a family recreational and educational center. The Omu resort is home to a Zoo, freshwater sea world, wax museum, amusement rides and lots more.

Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure, Lagos.

Inagbe resorts is an island resort that provides you with a haven of pure charm and tranquility. The resort captures the true essence of nature, culture, and tradition. Enjoy the boat ride, floating bar, a tour in the jungle, quad bikes and many more exciting offers. No doubt you will have the best memories ever at the Inagbe resort.[AdSense-A]

Don’t just imagine. Make attempts to visit any of these wonderful romantic spots. No dull moment. Enjoyment all the way.

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