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Benue traditional ruler fixes ‘official’ bride price at N50,000

The family of any Idoma woman in Benue state seeking to get married, henceforth, can no longer demand more than N50,000 as bride price from in-laws.

This is according to the Idoma Area Traditional Council of Benue State which revealed the unified traditional dowry to be paid by a man taking a wife from the ethnic group.

The paramount ruler of the Idoma nation, the Ochidoma, His Royal Majesty Elaigwu John, in his New Year message directed that bride price should be N50,000 or below.

According to a statement released by Chief Palace Scribe, Onuminya Odoba on Wednesday, the monarch also declared that there shall be no more expensive burial ceremonies in the Idomaland.

HRM Elaigwu’s decision is aimed at reforming “some self-imposed, barbaric, and harsh cultural practices” that make life difficult for the people.

The monarch, who is an ex-Deeper Life Pastor, said the reforms were undertaken by the Idoma Area Traditional Council after wide consultations with rulers, political leaders, and their subjects.

The statement reads; “Our deliberations arrived at the following conclusions for the immediate adherence of all true Idoma people, clans, tongues, and people under the Idoma Area Traditional Council.

“Imposition of costly prescriptions, stipulations, and requirements on the bereaved family for the burial rites of a deceased person is hereby prohibited in Idomaland.

“Burial rites should be conducted within affordable means of the family and, as much as possible, concluded within two to three weeks from the date of death.”