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Because of you my mummy has been cooking since – Little boy tells his father’s guests to eat and go home (Video)



A little boy has gone viral after a video of him tackling his father’s house guests for stressing his mother surfaced on social media.

In the clip, the father and his friends were seated at the dinning table waiting for the meal when the boy and his two elder brothers walked in with some plates.

Their father praised them for assisting him, but his youngest son had his mind on something else.

The boy requested to know who the main guests is, and when one of the men said he is a guest, the boy said that he and the people he came with are not welcome.

He was asked the reason for his statement, and the kid said that because of them, his mum has been in the kitchen since cooking since the previous day.

The vocal boy then told them to eat their food and go to their respective houses. His order forced everyone to burst into serious laughter.

Watch video: [Note: You may need your VPN turned on to view Twitter video if you are resident in Nigeria]

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