Be like dem hide money – Man raises concerns over abandoned building with two functional Air Conditioners (Video)

A Nigerian man has raised concerns about an uncompleted building abandoned in his neighbourhood which he suspects is being used for illegal activities.

He shared a video showing the abandoned house which had two functional Air Conditioners mounted on the exterior walls and wondered if they are hiding money or something else inside.

The guy expressed the opinion that a rich man owns the house and he is probably using it to preserve money.

He said he decided not to move close to the building so that people in the area would not think he intends to steal the ACs.

Watch the video:

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In related content, a South African lady has lauded herself for building a new house for her parents and getting rid of the dilapidated one.

She demolished her family’s old house and built a double story-building on the same land after making it big in her career.

The young woman known as Nosiphiwo Mafilikana is a fitness and travel adviser as well as distributor for health management brands.

She took to her TikTok page and shared a video showing the before vs after moments of the two houses.

She captured the exterior and interior parts of the old house and showed when it was brought down. Another part of the clip showed when construction began for the new house.

Nosiphiwo said she came from a humble backgroun and being able to build the house is her greatest achievement in life.

The entrepreneur went on to appreciate God for empowering her to change the living conditions of her family.

She said: “I come from humble beginnings I know how it feels to have nothing that’s why I will forever grateful for everything in my life Being able to turn our DRP House into a Double Storey house has been far my greatest achievement in life Lord I’ll forever be greatful for the herbalife business opportunity.”