BBNaija’s Princess Range Rover stolen at restaurant in Abuja

Big Brother Naija two-time contestant, Princess has revealed that her Range Rover was stolen at a restaurant in Maitama, Abuja.

The reality TV star made the revelation in a video circulating on social media, while narrating how a lot of bad things have been happening.

She said that on November 28, 2023, she went to a restaurant in a hotel to have dinner after work and her car disappeared from the parking lot.

According to Princess, she wanted the meal to be packed for her as take-out as she was ready to go home, but when it was about time to leave, she couldn’t find her car key.

Princess car stolen

She said she emptied her bag, tossed the table and couldn’t find it, and eventually called the attention of the managers, and they told her ‘’sorry”.

She said that after searching for the key for a while without any luck, she decided to leave her car in front of the security post while she looked for a way to get a spare key.

Princess returned to the restaurant the next day but her car was no longer in the parking lot. there. The security guards told her that they saw someone driving away with the Range Rover the next morning.

She said the managers said she only told them that her car key was missing and that they didn’t know she had left the car behind. What stunned Princess even more was when the hotel managers said there was no CCTV footage of the entrance of the hotel.

Luckily, the robbers were eventually found and one of the suspects turned out to be a staff working at the hotel. The Range Rover was also found but it was vandalized.

She said; “Bad things have been happening. My car got stolen specifically on the 28th of November. I went to a restaurant in Maitama, Abuja at Lake Chad Crescent. Coming from my office. I got there at 7:10 pm.”

Princess added; “The saddest part of it all was how they treated me at that place. They told me my car was there overnight. They made me feel irresponsible and stupiid”.

Watch her speak: