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#BBNaija Double Wahala: 5 major changes on BBNaija you should know about



Popular and widely watched reality TV show, Big Brother Naija season 3 which is themed ‘Double Wahala’ started yesterday. Here are some major changes that distinguishes it from the past seasons.[AdSense-B]


1. There is now a special seat for the Head of House

The Head of House, a position which exempts a housemate from eviction for a week, is such a big deal.

To distinguish them from the other housemates, the position now comes with a special seat, coloured green.

2. Viewers can win the Head of House chair and one million naira weekly

Big Brother is giving all the viewers an opportunity to win the HOH chair and a million Naira every week.

Also, viewers can participate on the show through the Big Brother secret task, which allows them to conspire with Big Brother and give the Housemates Secret Tasks every week.

3. There’s a telephone in the house

For the first time, there’s a telephone in the house, and it will only ring on Big Brother’s command.

After Big Brother has chosen the best task suggested by viewers, he delivers the news to the housemates through the house phone.

Only one housemate can answer the phone at a time but, the housemates may collectively decide to refrain from answering at all.

4. Diversity in selection process

The housemates were divided and introduced in groups such as: the intellectuals, the entrepreneurs, the first timers, and the entertainers.

This new season comes with a variety that promises to be exciting.

5. The meaning of the “Double Wahala” theme

Just as the title implies, there would be double entertainment, double wahala, and double eviction.

The housemates will be paired, and this means that if one housemate gets evicted, his or her partner leaves too. If a housemate gets a reward or punishment, the partner will also be at the receiving end.

The third season of Big Brother Naija show, which kicked off on January 28, 2018, will run for 85 days.

See photos of the housemates below…

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