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#BBNaija: Amaka clashes with bestie, Phyna after accusing her of ‘snatching’ Groovy from her



No day goes by in the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ house without there being some new drama.

This time around, the parties involved are bestfriends, Amaka and Phyna, who are both interested in Groovy.

Amaka accused Phyna of snatching Groovy from her despite being aware that she also likes him.

She explained that Phyna was supposed to talk to Groovy on her behalf, but she ended up keeping him for herself.

Amaka stated this in the presence of Pharmsavi and Chizzy, as she noted that she is not going to turn it into a chaotic situation.

On hearing the allegation, Phyna exclaimed in shock while calling Amaka’s name as if she was telling a lie about her.

Amaka said; ”It is what it is… she went to get him for me and she now decided to have him for herself. I don’t want to think about it, let it just be the way it is, let it just slide.”

While Pharmsavi said; “Phyna dun run Amaka Street”.

This is also as Phyna and Groovy slept together in the same bed, last night and when she woke up, she casually walked back to her bed where she saw Amaka standing but they did not exchange greetings as usual.

However, while cleaning the house later on Saturday morning, they both clashed again in the kitchen.

Amaka lashed out at Phyna over a mixup in the cleaning duties assigned to each of them in the house and it escalated.

Though Groovy’s name did not come up during the clasgh in the kitchen, housemates and fans opined that he is the one responsible for their squabble.

Watch the videos below:

mnktlali; Fighting for Adam😂😂😂😂

peacechisom123;😂 na grovy cause am

calbrynawty; I will go and look for my tweet from day1.. I knew ladies go fight ontop groovy head Wella… My boy 😂😂😂

buchamannastacia; You guys should keep groovy in the house he is the content😂😂😂😂

wrldprincecharming; it’s beyond cleaning nobody can tell me nothing 😂

lexy002; Eweee groovy na hot cake ooo

zantilesey; My love Amaka I will stand by you. 🙌🙌🙌❤️ Justice for Amaka and Beauty. Am jus happy that Amaka is all saved from this embarrassment . We all know that the Groovyphyna thing is not going anywhere!!!😂

afijetukura91; Shebi you people were condemning Beauty saying she didn’t bring a man inside the house mhmhmh😂 let me close my mouth Sha…una never see anything…I’m waiting for Chomzy tonight at the party

sinzue_; Amake can you just please tell us what’s really paining you 😂😂😂

gentle_angel____; I love ❤️ amaka ,no time to carry grudges, she will just say her mind and laugh it out ❤️❤️🙌

ussymay4; Get him for u as per ur son😢

okpuzipporahanne; Friends like phyna fear them I swear 🤬

fabulosgloria; This was what happened between Tobi and Alex. Ceec sent Alex to talk to Tobi and Alex decided to tanda dia 😂 😂. Moral .. if you want someone it something, no send another person. Go for it yourself 😂😃😂😃

jjaa7777; Did Amaka lie though??!! Fear friends ohh, Aki and Pawpaw in the mud!!!😂😂

_____mimigold; I dislike phyna for this nonsense

pematech_gadgets; 2 babes that were making beauty feel groovy wasnt all that, na same babes dey drag the same groovy you see life 😂😂

zantilesey; I’m so irritated honestly Phyna is so wrong she is not a good friend at all . She did it with Eloswagg and now Groovy, the worst thing is that she acts as if she doesn’t like the guys. Rubbish, any Amaka hold your head higher my lover I will be your best friend after the show.

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