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BATTLEGROUND CAST: Let’s meet the characters in the thrilling Nigeria series (Photos)



The Bhadmus family’s love for one another is put to the test when an unfortunate tragedy leads to shocking secrets being exposed and power struggles within their ranks. From infidelity to crooked business deals and constant media scrutiny, the drama just keeps on coming making BATTLEGROUND a thrilling watch.

The series features Oga Bello, Jide Kosoko, Kunle Coker, Chike (The Voice Nigeria), Yinka Davies, Yeni Kuti, Steve Ogunleye, Bikiya Graham-Douglas, Zara Ejorh, Ozzy Agu, Francis Onwochei, Hauwa Allahbura, Keturah King among others.[AdSense-B]


Let’s meet some of the characters;

1. Gbenga Titiloye (Kolade Bhadmus)

Chief Kolade Bhadmus is the wealthy, enigmatic patriarch of the Bhadmus family.
He is the CEO of Nigeria’s foremost asset management firm BBP who likes to think he can control the world around him.
Played by Gbenga Titiloye, Kolade Bhadmus has in his closet a lot of secrets, which begin to manifest when he goes into a coma.

2. Shaffy Bello (Adaora Bhadmus)

Played by Shaffy Bello, Adaora is the wife to Kolade Bhadmus. Highly manipulative, and the very definition of a classist.
She would go to any length for her son, Mayowa.

3. Joke Silva  (Mama Egba)

Played by Joke Silva, Mama Egba is the dotting sister to Kolade Bhadmus. Very vindictive in nature, she defines the phrase “educated but highly uneducated!”

4. Ini Dima-Okojie (Teniola Bhadmus)

Played by Ini Dima-Okojie, Teni is a dreamer, soft, caring, beautiful, but such a lousy judge of character.

5. Chike Mayowa (Mayowa Bhadmus)

Played by Chike, Mayowa is Kolade’s youngest son from Adaora. He is spoiled, entitled and lives a hedonist lifestyle fuelled by booze.

Underneath all that however, is an untapped, razor-sharp intellect capable of picking up on cues others often dismissed.

6. Yinka Davis (Cissy Bahdmus)

Yinka Davis is Cissy, Kolade’s “secret wife”.

An independent woman who is fiercely protective of their children, Cissy is content leading a simple life in Port Harcourt until a series of unforeseen events force her to re-evaluate her choice.

7. Hauwa Alhbura (Ayo Bhadmus)

Hauwa Alhbura plays Ayo, an angry young woman with a pathological fascination with her father’s other family, especially her half sister Teni Bhadmus.

Ayo, a trained lawyer, believes as the “second daughter” she’s been denied Kolade’s affection and she won’t be satisfied until she balances the scale.

8. Okey Uzoeshi (Ola Bhadmus)

Played by Okey Uzoeshi, Ola is Kolade’s eldest son from Cissy.

He is a smart lawyer, fiercely independent and angry at Kolade for isolating his mother and sister thus making him the de-facto man of the house. However, he is still loyal to his family.

9. Bikiya Graham Douglas (Hadiza Bako)

Hadiza is Danlami’s ambitious wife. She encourages Danlami to aim for greater heights at any cost, even the detriment of his partner, Kolade Bhadmus

10. Ayo Umoh (DR EMEKA KALU)

Emeka is the son of Kolade’s physician, recently returned from abroad to join his father’s hospital. Dr Emeka’s return ignites old feelings in Teni, leading to an uncomfortable triangle between himself, Teni and her fiancée


Michael is Teni’s fiancé and the only son of an ex-governor, Peter Ige Williams. Michael genuinely loves Teni but harbours a dark secret about something he believes can only be resovled by marrying Teni.

12. Francis Onwuche (PETER IGE WILLIAMS)

Peter is a former state governor who’s desperate to return to power. He is a man capable of using any weapon in his arsenal to gain political advantage especially his only son Michael whom he uses as a pawn.

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