Basketmouth shot the best comedy skit of the year, it is a shame it did get the needed attention [Watch]

Nigeria is in a mess, we can all agree to that fact. It is said that the solution to any problem is not far off when the cause of the problem is known but however in Nigeria, the better we understand our problem the more difficult it becomes to solve.

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth might have made the best comedy video of the year, it is just quite a shame that it didn’t garner the expected attention on the social media space.

With the Nigeria’s presidential election coming up in February 2023, Basketmouth in a well written and produced 6:33 minutes comedy skit titled, The Navigator, highlighted the problem with Nigeria in the aspect of leadership and it is just incredible.

The story is made up of objects and characters representing the different parts of active participants in the creation of Nigeria’s problems. These are:

A Bus: This represents Nigeria as a country.
Agberos/Touts: The agberoes and touts loading the bus represent the politicians and thugs used during elections.
The Passengers: The passengers represent the Nigerian masses.
A Blind Driver: A blind driver which represents the president deployed to drive the bus.

This short video clearly describes the situation of Nigeria. The passengers willingly boarded a bus to be driven by a blind man and expect to get to their destinations. Nigerians know well that some of the presidential aspirants they are pushing to become the driver of the country are not fit to drive the country to its destination but yet are still showing support for them because of tribal, religious or party affiliation. In fact some of these aspirants shouldn’t be running in the first place if Nigeria is a place where things are done rightly but as we all know, affluence and influence are all it takes to run for a political office in Nigeria.

Nigerians know the problem of Nigeria. It would be correct to say that the problem of Nigeria is Nigerians and it won’t be solve anytime soon because we are too diverse to agree.