Bank credits Daniel Regha with excess money, he tries to return half

Popular Nigerian Twitter user, Daniel Regha has revealed that his account was credited with N24,000 instead of N12,000 that he was expecting.

He reached out to his bank through the microblogging platform, and offered to refund half of the money, which was the fund he got after reversal of a failed transaction.

According to Daniel, the incident happened in April and he complained yet nothing has been done till date.

He said that he has been visiting his bank for months to rectify the issue but they refused to take the N12,000 excess back.

He appealed to the financial institution to reverse the money so that he can have an accurate balance in his account.

Daniel wrote; “Hi @keystonebankng, u guys credited my acct with N24k instead of N12k after I complained about a failed transaction; I’ve been going to the bank since April to return the N12k but to date, the money hasn’t be taken back. Pls reverse so I can know my bal, & how to plan for myself.”

In related news, CorrectNG reported that a mechanic named Timothy, who returned N10.8 million which was credit to his account revealed that he was rewarded with N50,000.

A pastor known as Chinonso Ndukwe said the young man, who services his car made this known when he met him after his story went viral.

He took to Facebook and disclosed that when he met Timothy in person on Tuesday, the mechanic lamented that he was having health challenges.

Chinonso said the mechanic has been serving him well, and he was impressed after reading about his honest act.

He added that Timothy looked quite ill when he saw him and that the mechanic told him he had a headache. Chinonso expressed displeasure that the owner of the money rewarded Timothy with only N50,000.

Sharing a photo they snapped together, he wrote; “Before going on TV I went to my mechanic to ask him about what I saw all over the Internet yesterday. He has been serving me very well.

So when I read that he returned 10.8 million to one of his customers i was impressed. Today when I saw him he was quite ill . He said he is having headache. The man that he returned his money gave him N50,000.00. People can be really unimaginable. Behold!”