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Bandits threaten to marry abducted bride, sell 55 female wedding guests

Bandits who recently kidnapped women accompanying a newlywed bride to her matrimonial home at Damari, Sabuwa local government area, Katsina State, have threatened to sell off the women.

The armed assailants attacked the bride and those accompanying her last Thursday around the Sabuwa area of the state while travelling in an open van.

It was gathered that after the victims’ families contacted them, the bandits demanded N100 million ransom also threatened to remarry the new bride if they fail to provide the money.

According to sources, the attackers to have killed at least four members of a vigilante group that tried to save the abductees during the unfortunate attack.

Villagers said that the 55 wedding guests were abducted during the attack and the victims have since been held hostage. A video clip which is making the rounds on social media shows the heavily armed men threatening to marry the bride and sell the other captives if ransom was not paid on time.

A man believed to be the gang leader who wore a police uniform, claimed responsibility for the abduction, saying nobody can rescue the women.

“I am the one who abducted them, and I will never release them until ransom is paid. And if there is anyone who thinks they could rescue them, they should try it,” he said.