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”Babe wey calm down must enjoy las las” – Nigerians react to video of couple who stayed together till the man became rich (Watch)



A viral video of a Nigerian couple who had stayed together and grew through the years before eventually bossing up and living lavish lifestyle, has gotten netizens talking on social media.

@AfowDAfow, the Twitter user who shared the post noted that any woman who stays patient with their man would eventually reap the beautiful benefits.

In the clip, written on the lady’s shirt is; “My heart beats for HIM”, while the man’s reads: “My heart beats for HER.”

The couple could be seen at different stages of their life as their bond strengthened and things turned around for both of them from a very early period to a much recent time.

At a point in the video reel, he finally proposed to the girl who jumped up in excitement, some other parts of the clip showed them enjoying special moments while on vacations.

Watch video below:

Different reactions and comments followed the interesting video.

@TheRealLekan: How do you people stay with one woman for this long cause I can’t even do a week.

@DJKella_ wrote: Lmaooo Nigerian men are so obsessed with this “grow with me suffer head bs” so she could not work to make her own money, she waited for the guy to start yahoo?? Dfkm.

@YemisiAdeleye1 said: I have been dating my guy for 7 years now, since uni days and I’m sure we will get there…Amen.

@Vadoo23; No be all babe wey calm go enjoy o bros!!! Some go calm still suffer the suffer for years. Let’s be wise.

@Ola_gold8: Babe wey calm down for person wey get future go enjoy!!

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