Babalawo gave me soap that worked for only one week – Yahoo boy seeks help in church (Video)

A suspected internet fraudster commonly referred to as Yahoo boy has lamented about how he was cajoled into joining yahoo yahoo and ended up losing everything including his senses.

He confessed during a deliverance session with Pastor Arome Osayi at the Encounter Jesus Ministry International. He narrated how a native doctor gave him a soap to use and bath, with the promise that he will get money.

He visited the church to confess his sins and find a solution to the spiritual and mental problem he developed as a result of his participation in fraud ritual.

According to the young man he was working with a man who sells phones in Lokoja and some yahoo boys usually visit the shop. It was during one of their visits that they persuaded him to join the yahoo business.

He revealed that he was asked by a native doctor to bring N21,000 for the special soap, and he raised the money with the assistance of a friend. The yahoo boy said that after he used the soap to bath, it worked well, but it only lasted for one week before he lost everything.

The cyber fraudster lamented about becoming very broke that he had to sell his phone and other possessions.

He also said that he was an intelligent boy before joining yahoo, but after the soap stopped working, he lost his cognitive ability – meaning he was struggling to read, understand simple words and could not remember basic words that he uses daily.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, ekwitous said; The devil does not give anything for free, he gives with right and collects with left

ifymelo_; Babalowo wey broke dey give you soup to get riches and you fall..Dey play oo😂😂

_cici_nita; But the baba that does wealth soap and ritual. Dey are all pooor. Y’all think if they can make people rich they wouldn’t make theirselves rich?😂

adkreator; The devil always gives and takes a million times of what he gives. If this isn’t enough reason to resist the devil, I wonder what is.

manlikeoriz; dem no ask am how many ice and loud and colos him don put for head as money enter.

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that a Nigerian lady said she prefers getting married to an internet fraudster who is into Yahoo Plus than being with a man who has a regular job.

She explained that Yahoo Plus Boys usually cash out with the help of jazz so they which is a guaranteed way of making sure there is endless supply of money.

She said Yahoo boys are better than working class men because they can always renew their wealth whenever it looks like money is getting exhausted. According to her, if a working class man goes broke, he has no immediate way of getting rich or escaping financial problems.

The young lady stated this during a street interview as she further said that the fraudsters have family members they can use to replenish their riches, whereas the guys with normal jobs don’t have relatives which is why they are struggling day and night at work.

She also said she likes the way fraudsters pamper their girlfriends, take them out in their cars and how they act like cute couples with the babe in the front seat. When asked if she would be comfortable staying with a Yahoo boy that is unable to make money for about three years, she rebuked the idea of such happening to her boyfriend.

She, however, reiterated that the benefit of being with him is that if the money gets exhausted he can always use the jazz and renew it. The interviewer also asked if she is not scared of the fact that EFCC operatives often go after Yahoo boys, but she said she has no business with them.