Ayra Starr loves to experiment – Louddaaa

Nigerian music producer, Louddaaa, has said that music star, Ayra Starr, is someone that loves to experiment in the studio even though she mostly knows what she wants.

He said working with the Mavin Princess on her recently released album titled, ‘The Year I Turned 21’, made him think outside the box.

Ayra Starr loves to experiment - Louddaaa

Louddaaa said the experience taught him to build his ability to listen and interpret artiste ideas even when they are unable to properly express their intent.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, he added that before he and Ayra started working on the album, they already had great chemistry and a strong connection in the studio, because they had worked together in the past.

Ayra Starr loves to experiment - Louddaaa

The beat maker said; “Working with Ayra pushed me, and made me think outside the box. I had to experiment a lot, as she also loves to experiment, though she usually knows exactly what she wants.

“Collaborating with her has also helped me to build the ability to actively listen and interpret the ideas artistes are trying to achieve, even if they find them difficult to express. It taught me to decode tiny details that bring their visions to life.

Most times, Ayra already knew what she wanted before coming to the studio. She might not always have the technical terms to explain it, but working with her helped me to decode her ideas, and I am applying that to my work with other artistes.”