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AY pens a lovely birthday message to Kate Henshaw as she turns 46

Popular Nollywood Superstar, Kate henshaw turns 46 as AY singled out her smile.



kate henshaw

Nollywood superstar Kate Henshaw gets wishes from celebrities around the country as she turns 46. What caught my attention is the lovely message by AY. The popular comedian was full of praise as he described Kate as a caring and sharing person.

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Everytime time i run into you i see nothing you wear that is better than your smile. Your smile has always given the world that positive countenance that makes people feel comfortable around you. It has consistently been a reflection of the caring, sharing person inside your kind heart. I have seen you smile in trouble, gather strength from distress, and remained honourable with your lifestyle. Happy birthday to @k8henshaw as you continue to make the world look more beautiful with your smile.


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