Awards shouldn’t be the only motivation for creatives – Actor Jidekene

Nollywood actor, Jidekene Achufusi has said awards should not be the only motivation for people in the movie, music and comedy industry.

The ‘Living In Bondage’ star made this remark in a recent interview with Arise TV while reacting to being snubbed by the organisers of the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, AMVCA.

The host asked; “What do you think about the nominations for AMVCA? Where you a bit upset about the snub?”

Awards shouldn’t be the only motivation for creatives - Actor Jidekene

Jidekene said he believed the organizers usually have reasons for making their selection in award ceremonies which creatives or fans may not understand

He said; “Well, experience teaches you that everytime there is always going to be a generational shift. Sometimes, the people who do these awards have targets. It could be, ‘Let’s make sure we bring on new people or let’s make sure the veterans know that we see them.’ It could also be, ‘Last year we went that way, this year let’s go this way.’

I don’t know what they think about when they make the selections that they make. But I do believe that collectively, there would always be news about whatever selections that they made.

So my advice would be, it is a win win for everybody. Whatever your motivations are, it shouldn’t be limited to awards because at the end of the day, if you made good films or you are getting better roles than you did last year, you are winning. And our real focus is to feed the Nigerian film market. Not necessarily about who is where or who is not where.”