Aunty Ramota denies suffering complications from BBL surgery (Video)

Famous Nigerian actress, Ramota Adetu, popularly called Aunty Ramota, has debunked rumours regarding her undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Reports made the rounds on Tuesday that the small-sized thespian went into a coma following an unsuccessful BBL.

Aunty Ramota denies suffering complications from BBL surgery

A video which surfaced online appeared to corroborate as it showed Aunty Ramota on a hospital bed after complications allegedly arose.

However, in a clip uploaded on Wednesday, the movie star denied being in coma or having any such medical procedures. She maintained that she is hale and healthy.

Speaking in Yoruba language, Ramota said; “My lovers, thank you, nothing happened to me. This is my body.”

Watch the clip HERE

In other news…

Big Brother Naija star, Uriel has revealed that she tried getting cosmetic procedures, specifically a Botox and a thread lift in the United Kingdom.

The YouTuber said they denied her request and said that her skin was too tight to under the procedure, and it was due to her healthy lifestyle practices.

Taking to her Instagram story, Uriel shared how she wanted the Botox which is intended to reduce facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing certain muscles. She sought the thread lift to address aging and sagging skin.

The 36-year-old reality TV star, however, said that the lady turned down her request and expressed surprise after learning how old she is.

Uriel then dished some advice in light of the rejection she faced, noting that ladies uing bleaching and organic creams are only stripping away essential skin layers needed to combat diseases and aging.

The fitness enthusiast recommended a regimen of healthy eating, drinking water, and taking vitamins to achieve internal and external transformation.

Uriel wrote: “I have been Rejected from doing Botox in the Uk I also wanted to do a thread lift But the lady said my skin is way too tight already She was shocked to learn my age.

“Not knocking anyone but right now if you are using Organic or bleaching cream your stripping away important skin layers Which are useful for fighting skin diseases and aging.

“When you use these creams ask your self why you get spots or dark patches., You would be surprised how eat healthy drinking water and taking vitamins will transform you from inside out.”