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ASUU: I’d go abroad and start afresh if I have the chance – Final year student



A Nigerian student simply known as Fola has gone online to lament over the country’s failing education system and how it affects bright minds.

The lady who is in 400 level also decried the ASUU strikes which seem to be on a repetitive loop, saying that if she has a chance to go abroad and start over in a new school, she would embrace the opportunity.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter, Fola also addressed the idea of being asked to learn a skill whenever ASUU goes on strike, as she noted that she prefers starting a profession based off her love for education.

In her words; ”I envy people that are privileged to be a student in a private university or study outside Nigeria. I’m really jealous and I can’t hide it. I’m not saying you have it easy or anything, I’m just saying your stipulated time never change. I’d rather go through the struggles at once

”As a federal university student, you’d Struggle to enter university, struggle to keep up with the different variables, stress, expenses, housing, feeding, overbearing lecturers, examinations when you’ve learnt nothing.

”Honestly wish I had everything easy.

Then with all this struggle we are supposed to face for 4 years. Asuu and the FG would extend your struggles. Rent of 4 years would turn to Rent of 6 years, struggles of 4 years continues. they’d disrupt your plans, putting a halt on your life just because you chose education.

Education that they always advised us to go for, Shey it’s best legacy, the unlimited doors we can’t enter without Education, why’s it so hard for them to even give us that, we are ready and you’re denying us the most basic thing we ask for.

They say “Learn a skill, start a business”alright.

Personally I love Education, I love school, I have the Gp to show for it, I don’t want to learn a skill or start a business, I want to start a profession based off my love for education and Nigeria wouldn’t even give me that.

It was not possible for me to have it easy but I’d never let my future kids go through what I’m presently going through in the face of Nigeria/ Asuu. Education was supposed to be the most basic right we have and even that is impossible.

Right to education una

I’m just entering my 400 level but If I have the chance or opportunity to start all over again in a better country with a good level of education, Walahi I’d take it without thinking twice.

Wrote this thread in tears.”

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