As a man, you do yourself a great disservice when you date jobless girls from poor homes – Neo officiall

Nigerian social media influencer, Neo officiall has stated that men do themselves a great deal of disservice when they date women from struggling homes.

The young man sent an advisory message to male folks who enter romantic relationship with ‘girls who are broke and jobless.’

He was reacting to a viral video of a foreign lady who bought a PlayStation 5 for her boyfriend as Christmas gift after saving money.

Neo said the guys who are dating women that buy them thoughtful and expensive stuff don’t have ‘two heads.

He wrote; “As a man, you do yourself a great level of disservice when you entangle yourself with broke, jobless girls from poor homes. These guys dating women who give them quality, expensive and thoughtful gifts do not have two heads.”

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CorrectNG recalls that the lady who gifted her man a PS5 revealed that she had been saving some money throughout the year and when it was enough she went and got the game for her man.

In the video which sparked debate on social media, she could be seen presenting him with the game console packaged in a gift wrap. The boyfriend opened the package and started screaming in disbelief when he saw the PlayStation box.

He jumped up and down the apartment while also hugging his girlfriend at intervals. He expressly said ‘Thank you’ to her and she was equally happy about the way he reacted to the gift.