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As a man, if your salary is just 100k, you shouldn’t be thinking of relationship or marriage – Man says



A Nigerian man known as Steven Ola has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to tell men earning below a certain amount not to be thinking of anything other than financial buoyancy.

He stated that any man who earns N100,000 monthly should not be thinking of dating or getting married.

Steven wrote; ”If you earn just 100k per month as a man, don’t think of dating or think of setting up a family.”

See the post:

In reaction, @dhan_ddirectorh said; Me that I don’t even have a job I have a girlfriend and still thinking of adding another so I will later choose the one I will marry when I finàlly have the money and I’ve not died. What is the point of this tweet again?

@Tee_Classiquem1; Lol, things i see on twitter dey always baffle me, in reality 60% of Nigerians are earning below 50k monthly and some are even married with kids, instead of giving this kind of advice, i’ll rather say everyone should have other means of income to support their monthly salary

@TobatheKing; Why? We’re in the age where women are not to be totally dependent on a man. And realistically, there ar persons who don’t even earn up to this in Nigeria and have families. As far as basic needs can be met, one can start a family. The growth will come

@anaiyke; This tweet get as e be abeg. I married and started a family on a salary of N60k.

@Godwilnotwhineu; I think this is a candid advice,its a caution..

And I feel the only way these is exempt is when there is joint income from both partners.

But honestly anything less than 100k ,isnt healthy to start up a family,coz this particular startup dey capital intensive

@solomatic007; Lmao… you’d be surprised d person setting standard for you na one 200level student for Unilag wey him papa still dey send Data money.. E no dey move me! No b twitter? Lool

@great_ivoh; These big guys are out of touch with reality. If %50 of Nigerian youths earn ₦100k, nobody would be shouting poverty upandan. Yes, we understand your point but not as you think. A consistent 100k can start a family in a little way.

@JimCaddy; You’re very correct, not even in this “Buharinomy”.. Things are so hard. But then again, how many graduates earn 100k even in today’s Nigeria? You’d be lucky to earn such.

@STmorakinyo; It will take a civil servant at least 6-8 years in the work before he/she can be earning 100k per month but y’all come here to drop take as if your father is Dangote.

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