Artist gets blocked by Ayra Starr after he spent 18 hours drawing her portrait

A Nigerian artist has been blocked by budding songstress, Ayra Starr because he drew a distorted picture of her.

He took to his Twitter page on September 8 and shared the photograph he used as a sample and the finished artwork he draw with a pen.

The young man known as Dami Foreign claimed to have spent more than 18 hours drawing the image which turned out to be a caricature.

He wrote; “It took me 18hours 57secs to draw this Ayra Starr’s portrait.✍️🎨”

But the image herself she saw on social media seemed to have irked her and she apparently block the sketch artist.

Dami @Dami4reign shared a screenshot of her page which showed that Ayra had blocked him after the funny portrait went viral.

“Is this the motherfxvking thanks I get?😭🤦🏼‍♂️” he captioned.

In other news…

Nigerian content creator, Dexy Creations, has given a young lady identified as Jennifer, the sum of N500,000 for her kindhearted gesture towards him.

He had shared a video days ago which showed the girl giving him N500 transport fare after he begged her for money despite the fact she was sick and in need.

Jennifer’s thoughtful acts warmed the hearts online and well-meaning people rallied round and raised half a million naira to support her.

In a heartwarming video update Dexy shared on his page, the lady could be seen falling to the ground with tears in her eyes as he received N500k cash. He also informed her that she has been awarded free medical sponsorship.

When the influencer was handing over the box of money, he asked her to guess what was inside but she was out of ideas. She then proceeded to to unwrap the gift, and on seeing that it was naira notes, she became overwhelmed with joy

Jennifer screamed in disbelief and fell to her knees amid tears of joy while calling for her mother. Dexy told them that the money was a gift from generous individuals on the internet who wanted to help her.

He said the good Samaritans offered to cover her medication bills every three weeks indefinitely, adding that the cash could also be used for her upkeep, her father’s eye treatment, medications, and other essential items.

In reaction, Jennifer said; “God, who am I that you have shown me mercy?”

Her father, deeply moved, expressed his joy and appreciation for the incredible act of kindness.

Dexy captioned the video with a heartfelt message that read; “Thanks a lot to everyone that contributed to this Jenifer sincerely appreciates all the love and support y’all have shown. May God bless y’all in Abundance. With tears of joy on her father’s eyes. His last word was deep”.