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Armed robbers steal N206 million from drug dealers



A New York robbery crew scored $500,000 (N206million) cash after targeting drug runners by tracking a targeted criminal’s car — with a hidden Apple Watch, new court documents show.

The seven-person crew based in the Hudson Valley pulled off the heist in January 2020 after their alleged leader, 30-year-old Darren Lindsay, bought an Apple Watch and linked it to his AT&T account, according to federal prosecutors in papers filed Tuesday.

The thieves put the watch underneath the bumper of a car that belonged to a drug-runner they suspected had huge sum of money in his possession.

The suspects then tailed their mark, from Orange County to a hotel parking lot in Hartford, Connecticut, the feds said.

“All of this information is supported by detailed cellsite location data, including [from] his Apple Watch and the phones of the defendant,” prosecutors wrote.

After the crew tracked down the car, one of them smashed its back window with a gun while looking for the loot but found nothing, authorities said. Two other suspects then staked out the ride overnight, but did not see their target, the feds said.

The next day, Lindsay and other members of his squad returned to the garage and spotted the victim.

They allegedly grabbed him and forced him into their car. A gun Lindsay was carrying went off twice during the abduction as he struggled with the victim, although no one was hit by the bullets, prosecutors said.

Two Of The Guns Recovered From The Robbers

The suspects roughed up the victim in the car and swiped his phone, wallet and a key to his hotel room. The crew discussed killing the victim in the car but ultimately decided to cut him loose near New Britain, Conn., authorities said.

One of the crew members, a woman named Indigo Grant, later walked into the victim’s hotel room using the stolen key — and swiped a bag stuffed with $500,000 in cash, prosecutors said.

The crew then headed back to Middletown, New York, where they shared the money and even posed for photos in front of stacks of the cash, the feds said.

Members of the crew were busted and indicted in July for a string of alleged robberies from 2019 to 2020, including the $500,000 heist, prosecutors said. Lindsay pleaded not guilty to the charges, court records show.

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