Arewa bridesmaids demand 3 million pounds from groom on wedding day (Video)

A group of bridesmaids of northern extraction have made a humongous monetary request from the man marrying their friend known as Hassana Sani.

The young ladies jointly demanded 3 million pounds from the groom’s family as their own price of giving out their friend’s hand in marriage.

Hassana’s bridesmaids made the request during the wedding when asked to state how much bride price they would like to receive.

In a video posted shared on Instagram by Tunde Ednut, the groom’s family and wedding guests expressed shock when they heard the amount.

The MC had to ask them to repeat the request to be sure that they have made up their minds about how much they want.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, IG users tinohlion said; Why dem no go request for 3million pounds when they know it’s nothing to the person? Some people are living and some are existing. Money is one sided and we all know how

kingdamex; That’s a cheap request in the Arewa community… But you see their poor northerners can’t even afford 1 USD

chuks.obi.18; Nigeria money. This are the daughters of our bad leaders.

artistrybynick_; If you had ever attended a rich Hausa peoples wedding , you would know the Hausa are not joking!!!

ashabimajek; They will get it for her o, cos they got what she asked for… Hausas are rich low key

world.meme.room; I nor even sure say them no amount of money wey them mention 😂😂

biggest_sugar; Hausa & Fulani don finish Nigeria! Why dem dey laugh 😅 shey 3 million pounds na small money 😢

endylight1; Don’t worry they have it and they are ready to give it to them

gossi_parin; Na hype n play, pple wey their problems plenty go start dey misinterpret am now.

iamhushwrld; Everything is stolen…they take oil from the south and put the money in their pocket…60 years of age and Nigeria has nothing to offer…except this Hausas and fulanis using this money to fund their families…

People are staying at home without going to school but this Fulani men that are supposed to be training cows have sent their children abroad to study and when they’re done and they come home jobs are waiting for them in oil companies but someone who graduated here in nigeria with first class will be driving okada 🤦‍♂️….Omo