Are you a criminal? – Customers destroy POS stand, chase attendant for charging N4k to get N10k (Video)

Angry residents destroyed a POS stand because the attendant charged an outrageous amount for money to be withdrawn.

In a video circulating online, a man could be seen venting after learning that they would have to pay N4,000 to collect N10,000.

Customers who wanted to withdraw money but were discouraged by the enormous fee, surrounded a lady working as a POS operator and told her that she would not be allowed to work.

She, however, explained that she was only acting on the instructions of her employer and she did not solely decide on the N4k charge.

But the furious men decided to dismantle the lady’s POS umbrella and table, so she was forced to walk away.

The vocal man who challenged her could be heard continually expressing anger at the level of exploitation people are subjected to in the country.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, IG user layo_blackzbeauty said; We are our own problem fr!

rhukieee; I never even use POS since this cashless wahala .. all I have been doing is transfer thank God even aboki Dey collect transfer .. my workplace is trekable from my house .. nothing I wan just cash do

tenovertenautos; Na we Dey do ourselves finally.. after I bought 50ml hand sanitizer for 9k during covid, I got to understand Nigerians will always capitalise on the panic and rush factor to extort everybody… this Naira time, I’m not giving in.

finegirl.joy; Y’all need to know this operators pay for the money too, how do you think that girl withdrew enough money for her business when only 20k is paid over the counter?

jeffryprettypretty; Sometimes the government are not the problem, we are our own problems

mvpphones; That’s too much. She is lucky to have made it out of there in one piece.

fuckhuman700ways; She o go jail o. Now the video is online 😂

julybyoma; Na we Dey do ourselves..Same way a fuel attendant wanted to charge me 1500 for 8,000 fuel using their Pos oo.. I will say it again before the govt…we are our own problem

Similarly, CorrectNG reported earlier that residents went on rampage in Warri, Delta state as a result of the scarcity of new Naira notes.

Youths staged a protest in the state following the inability to get cash and in the process, they damaged some Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

A video which surfaced online shows the protesters destroying a POS stand because they claimed the operators are extorting them amid the naira shortage.

Prior to the scarcity, POS operators charged N100 for N5,000 withdrawn but they now charge as much as N1500 for same amount to be withdrawn.

According to reports, some POS attendants said the reason for the increase was so that they could make their money back as they purchase the new Naira notes from some bankers as well as filling station station attendants.