‘Ara agbala leader of tomorrow’ – Reactions trail video of little boy helping yahoo boy scam white client

A video which surfaced online captures the moment a small boy was speaking to a white man on behalf of an internet fraudster aka Yahoo Boy.

The underage kids who is well-spoken, could be seen speaking to a the foreign client through video call and he was pretending to be a woman.

He did not turn the phone’s camera on but the white man’s face showed clearly. The client thought he was speaking to a young white lady not knowing it was a boy who could fake a lady’s voice.

There was an exchange about why he did not put on the camera to be seen and the kid posing as a lady said his lens was bad, but they white man did not believe the explanation.

Condemnation trailed the clip after it surfaced online as many opined that using the boy for such fraudulent act is a crime.

Watch the video below:

ajokefoods_; What exactly are you teaching this boy? I really want to know…At what age?!

gylliananthonette; I dnt think things like this should even be posted but what do i know

yess_im_beautifullll; Ara agbala leader of tomorrow😂😂😂

zulma_a5; But, how does an old guy think a young girl will be truly interested in him? 🤦🏻‍♀️

kaybugar; Hi baby, come buy the refinery. It belongs to my father 😂

callme_fatima’; Na una Dey use una hand cast everything… mumu boys 😂😹

usendollar; I have a strong feeling that the person reading this will own a house this year. Claim it.

directorbicycle; No need to post this. We all know waitin e Dey no go good. Make we no encourage his mate out there in the name of content . Let’s safe our country imagine

olgmedia_backup; And I can see some people even laughing here instead of you correcting this post… everything shouldn’t be about your own selfish interest… Nigerians are not the only once seeing this post and right now other parts of the world are smiling at our stupidity.

pelumi_pp; I like the fact that the young boy is educated but it is bad for him doing this shit but

pbeatzsounds; Abeg make we Dey help ourselves sometimes… posting this kind of thing all because of content e no make at all…

olgmedia_backup; you don’t do this, you’re a Nigerian. Even if it’s happening, we know but it shouldn’t be you that exposed it. Use your blogging power to protect your own country not Tarnish the image.

We complain everyday that the country is not getting better, how is it suppose too when all you so called bloggers keep exposing what you should be protecting to the world. If other countries are doing this then you would know Nigeria is even better.. they keep their secrets and we praise them because we actually don’t know or see the deep parts. Please let’s stop doing ourselves and putting the blames on leaders all the time.