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APC, PDP are part of Nigeria’s problem, I don’t see them as the solution – Obi



The presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, says the problems bedeviling the nation could turn the electorates against the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC) and opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Obi stated this in an interview with Reuters while noting that he sees the parties as part of the problem, hence why he does not believe that they can be part of the solution.

According to the former Governor of Anambra state, he intends to harness Nigerians’ anger with the status quo to drive the ‘Obidient’ movement and clinch victory at the presidential polls.

He said; ”I believe that the two parties are part of the problem, I don’t see them being part of the solution. The system they’ve operated over the years, it has brought us to where we are.”

Obi expressed confidence that voters whose nation “on the brink” would rise above religious, ethnic and tribal loyalties that have the two major parties to dominate elections.

“What is important is that people trust. It is simple, you may not like me, but what I’m coming here to do will be different,” he added.

He also stated that he not afraid of stepping on toes of powerful persons who may pose a stumbling block to his plans to transform Nigeria.

Similarly, CorrectNG reported earlier that Obi slammed the APC and PDP, saying the only political structure both parties have is ‘stomach infrastructure’.

Speaking at the Labour Party Coalition for Peter Obi (CPO) Summit at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, on Thursday, he said that stomach infrastructure has brought more hardship for millions of Nigerians in the last two decades.

Obi also reiterated that his structure is the 100 million poor Nigerians who will troop out enmasse on election day to secure their future through their votes.

He said; “The current structures of both the PDP and the APC are the stomach infrastructure that has brought us nothing but misery. Their understanding of structure is sharing of Nigeria’s patrimony to vested interests and influence peddlers. That is against what Peter Obi represents; that is against what Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed represents; and it is indeed, against the vision of the Labour Party.”

“It is the 33% unemployed Nigerians who already know who kept them unemployed; our structure is indeed the parents of 18.5m out-of-school-children in Nigeria, who will strive to ensure that such affliction does not visit them a second time. Our structure is everyone seated in this hall today! Yes, we have Structure. And we are ready to move mountains to save Nigeria.

”Since I entered the presidential race my mantra has been consistent and in tandem with the Labour Party’s vision, which mainly seeks to ensure economic transformation through job-led growth.

“Therefore, my decision to join the Labour Party was not by coincidence or happenstance; it was indeed a thought-through decision given the ideological convergence. Great nations are built through political alliances. Our founding fathers understood and forged alliances in the national interest. But things changed. Our leaders became selfish, myopic and corrupt. And our people suffered. That narrative and mindset must change.

“The new alliance we seek is between Nigerian Youths, the Labour Party, which represent Nigerian workers, and Like Minds. Collectively, it is an alliance of the OBIdients!”

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