Anybody can have children out of wedlock – Phyno

Ace Nigerian rapper, Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike known professionally as Phyno, has said that anybody can find themselves having kids outside wedlock.

He stated this in an interview with The Whistler while explaining that there is a difference between polygamy and home breaking.

According to Phyno, when one decides to get a second wife, its polygamy, and that situation cannot be said to be likened to home breaking.

He explained that people often have the misconception that when colleagues have baby mamas, then they are practicing polygamy.

The rapper said; “Homes breaking is not polygamy, polygamy is when someone willingly says ‘I’m going to marry two wives,’ some people are caught in a situation and you can’t call that polygamy so let’s be clear Muslims practice polygamy.

It can happen to you; it can happen to anyone. If you are caught in a situation, you have to stand up as a man and take responsibility for your child, you can’t call that polygamy. We always have to be clear on this because people come out to this.

Polygamy is when I say I’m going to marry more than one wife that’s polygamy. Situation happens to people and they are always unplanned, you called that polygamy. I don’t have any position on (polygamy).”

In other news, Nigerian singer, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong has said it is hard for many artistes to reach the level of leading singers, Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy.

He said the Afrobeats trio make it difficult for others to measure up or displace them because they work extra hard to maintain their prime position.

Harrysong, however, said that it does not mean musicians are not working hard, but that everybody is thriving in their individual lanes.

The ‘Reggae Blues’ crooner, further said that he is not in the music industry to compete with his colleagues.

He said it is also important to celebrate one who has some astounding achievements in their career, adding that there should be no need for envy or jealousy.

Harrysong then referenced Burna Boy’s Grammy award and noted that when he won, it was a thing of pride for Africa and Nigeria.

He said; “Everyone is the king of their castle. Artistes such as Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid work really hard to maintain their prime position. However, it is not that every other person is not working hard. But, as far as I’m concerned, I am not here to compete with anyone. If one has the spirit of competition, I don’t think one will be able to ‘beat’ it.

It is important to always pay compliments to people who are doing well. If one congratulates them on their successes, one is also tapping into their grace. There is no need for envy or jealousy. The way I see it; when one person wins, it is a win for everyone. For example, when Burna Boy won the Grammy Award, he brought glory to Africa, not just Nigeria.”

Speaking on his plans for 2023, he said; “I am working on my album, which is titled, God Amongst Men. I can assure my fans that they will hear new sounds because the music is changing. I will give them what they love.”

The singer also expressed belief that afrobeats music could never be relegated to the background on the global scene.

He added; “Afrobeats cannot go off the map. It is impossible. Nigeria remains the giant.”

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