Any man who places his mother above his wife is not prepared for marriage – Influencer

A Nigerian Twitter Influencer has asserted that a man who prioritises his mother over his wife is not ready for his marriage to work.

The NFT Guru known as Drey said ones wife is more important and men must ensure that they explain this in clear terms to their mum.

He stated this via the microblogging platform, as he further advised men against allowing their mothers to live with them, saying they should only be allowed to visit occasionally.

Drey sparked reactions with the tweet which read; “Your wife is more important than your mother and should be at the apex of your priority chain. You can beat about the bush about it, I chose to be blunt about this.

If you think otherwise, no matter your age you are not prepared for marriage. Always make this clear. Define these positions openly and directly to your mother to avoid unnecessary hiccups in the future. Trust your mom to understand. It doesn’t mean you stopped loving her. Clearly defining these things and setting boundaries can save a lot!

Also, let your mother stay in her house if you are not running an extended family like the royals. She can visit, but her stay shouldn’t be too long enough to cause friction except it is extremely necessary. I prefer you and your wife to do the visiting and be brief.

Love your mom as a child should love his mother, but don’t let it interrupt your marriage negatively. I have witnessed mothers ruin homes because they want to own their baby boys for life. Or better still don’t get married. If you have to, do it right!

In other news, a Ghanaian man has been left with a broken heart following the discovery that his lover is cheating on him.

The guy known as @Mr_Gruntizky said he found out on December 25, 2022 that she was sleeping with a male friend she studies with.

He said people had advised him not to date a girl that is a student of University of Professional Studies, Accra, but he refused to heed.

He tweeted; “Worse Christmas ever. Just found out my girl has been sleeping with her study mate. I was advised not to date a UPSA girl but I didn’t listen. I feel like dying”

According to the boyfriend, he found out about the secret affair going through text messages on her phone.

When asked what happened after finding out, he said he confronted her and the only thing she muttered was ‘Sorry’ because she was speechless.

In reaction, @maverickdracula said; Similar thing happened to me a year back found out via text ,she “wailed” dumped her and later she turn booty call gimme , she could tell her worth was zero to me from then on ,only linking up for sex then she started complaining so I blocked her.

@EradReece; Don’t die though bro. Live and thrive and be your best version. Style on them like that; this would be the absolute best middle finger you could give, think about it.