Any man kneeling down to propose to a woman is ‘finished’ – Brekete Family host, Ahmed Isah

Brekete Family anchor, Ahmed Isah has said it is wrong for a man to kneel down while proposing to a woman.

He said any man guilty of doing such is ‘finished’ because he is sending a message that he is not in charge of the home.

The show host popularly called Ordinary President, said it is not part of African culture and tantamount to the woman marrying the man instead of vice versa.

Isah stated this during his show as he explained further how a woman is placed before a man who went on his knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

Watch video below:

In reaction, simply_adaaeze wrote; Everything is about ego for these men. Taking a knee for the woman you want to marry has several deep meanings. This is a woman that will sacrifice her body, health and probably life to give you a legacy and going on one knee is your problem. Sha stay far away from me with that mindset……

ene_ghus; Men talk about being the head until it come to money 😂😂 abeg make una rest

amb_oyedokun; Is it African to wear suit? Or white gown? I even think it is not African to drive a car, we have horses and elephants. But are these things to do… we do them to enhance our living and add colors to our lifestyle .. What’s wrong with that

emmis244; True talk💯….I wonder how some men kneel down with no shame asking a woman to be ur wife😂

afroomedia; In Yoruba culture the man will lay in the ground for his his wife and their family to ask for her hand in marriage. So this man is totally confused. Speak about your own culture. Don’t lump all African culture together

allergic_to_oloshoism; I DONT REALLY GET IT HOW I GO KNEEL DOWN BEG WOMAN TO MARRY ME ? It’s not pride make it make sense 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

nuel__officieel; It’s not African but you are using gadgets created by west 😂😂😂

big_ayo11; Nah this man used to have sense nah he’s just another egoistic dûmb adult but your wife could knee to greet you and serve you food nah you once again a bozo Capalot aburo polo G

In related news, a UK-based social advocate identified as Bianca Wamu has questioned men’s decision to propose to their woman in public.

She said the act of kneeling down during with a ring and organising a public proposal are both wrong.

Bianca explained that when a man kneels to ask for his woman’s hand it is not right because he is only supposed to kneel when he is surrendering to God.

The woman further said that doing it in public is equally bad because it is putting the woman under pressure to accept his proposal.

Taking to Twitter, Wamu wrote; “Men, why do you have to KNEEL down in PUBLIC in the name of PROPOSING to a WOMAN? As if that’s not enough, you’re forcing her to say YES! Save yourself from this embarrassing moments. The only time you should kneel down is when surrendering your problems to God!”