Any guy that smokes and plays bet can’t make a good husband – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man simply known as Dina, has sparked controversial debate on social media about what makes one a good husband.

He stated via Twitter that if a man can never make a good husband if he smokes any type of drug, and engages in gambling commonly known as sports betting.

Dina, who is a digital marketer, revealed that he does partake in any of the aforementioned activities.

He tweeted; “Any man that smokes and play bets can NEVER make a good husband.”

When a user @_Joshxxo said; “Which means you can’t make a good husband” Dina noted that he doesn’t do that.

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Another tweep @theakorede said; Depends on the metric of what makes a good husband

Dina replied; That’s some of the metric above

@JoyisBackAgain; Many of them are husband

@nihiinn; is this not common knowledge

In other news…

A Nigerian man has revealed how he tried to get his ex-girlfriend back even though she is now married. He said he attempted making her husband jealous when he bumped into them recently.

The guy known as Adeola, who still misses his ex, said he gave the married woman a warm hug in the presence of her partner.

According to him, the husband was watching them, and he hopes that after they went their separate ways, the man became jealous enough to dump her.

Adeola expressed the desire to get his former girlfriend her back if her husband ends their marriage out of jealousy.

He wrote; ”Yesterday I ran into my ex, and we gave each other a warm hug while her partner watched us. Wallahi, I’m hoping he starts overthinking and breaks down so I can get my girlfriend back.”