Another Nigerian man shows off bungalow he’s building with N3 million

A Nigerian man identified as Austin Olykiss, has weighed in on a debate about the possibility of building a standard a house with five million naira.

He revealed that his bungalow is currently under construction and it has gone past 50 percent completion even as he has spent only N3 million so far.

Austin showed off his house on Twitter shortly after another man named Abraham MacHills offered to build a two-bedroom house for any interested person.

Abraham had shared a beautiful house which he claimed to have erected with N5m and said that anybody who owns a land can have the same structure on the land at the same cost.

House built by Abraham MacHills

The post went viral and generated controversy, with many people doubting his claim and asking cogent questions. But to prove that it is possible to have such a house at that amount, Austin took to his account to show off his uncompleted building, saying that N2million will complete the construction.

According to him, “This is my house, N3 million well spent and supervised by me. 2 more million will finish the house. I don’t know why you all are doubting the man. N5 million can build a 2 bed bungalow aside furnishing.”

See his post:

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@fdmlearn; They cheated you sef. Supervising yourself and spending 3 million isn’t prudence. You’ve been shortchanged by artisans.

@damola_ade77; I can see that you didnt do German floor (DPC/Ground floor slab). This is one of the reasons why you need an engineer to build for you. The floor of your house will experience damping which will spoil your paints and cause help hazard. When the ground is wet, blocks sock water.

@Sunkranegram; This your house ehn only the roofing and parafet go collect that 3m

@iam_olykiss; I spent around 1.2m on it. The Parapet is designed with a zinc, I got more for less. Everything isn’t luxury, Don jazzy built a house with N250m doesn’t mean a common won’t have a roof over his head for N5m.

@damola_ade77; How much is the cost of that soild water seal for the whole house and how much is the cost for German floor. Pls do the math.

@iam_olykiss; Won’t be more than N200k, I understand that y’all builders are not happy but we all know the truth. 5m can build a 2 bed bungalow, quote me anywhere.

@ArcMaxB; Lol, you’d even argue about it. Just wait a few while when you’re done to start seeing what cost of maintenance will look like. Braze up for damps, cracks and tear.