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”Was he anointed with Engine oil or brake oil?” OAP Freeze tackles IG user who asked him to stop attacking anointed Pastor E.A Adeboye



OAP and leader of the Free the sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze, questioned a young lady who asked him to stop attacking the General overseer of RCCG, Pastor Adeboye whom she described as an anointed man of God.

Freeze posted her comment on his IG page and wrote

This is someone’s response to the video those pastors made about the curses they were taught!

My response: Who anointed him? Anointed with what? Engine oil or brake oil?

Was he anointed by a white garment priest to preach the Pentecostal doctrine? ? Imam go still anoint pastor for this Nigeria!

Is he Christlike? Or is he a business man?

I would have told her to ask these questions but just look at her in squalor, as she aggressively defends someone living a life of opulent luxury!

Wake up Nigeria, none of these guys are anointed by God, and like she rightly stated, she is OFF! ~FRZ


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