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Anita Joseph reveals the reason wives should never accuse their husbands of rape (VIDEO)



Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has in a new video stated that a wife should never accuse her husband of rape, even if he gets intimate with her without her consent.

In a video the actress made with her husband, the actress was of the opinion that a woman’s body is the food of her husband and should be ready for him whenever he needs to ”feed from it.”

She said the only time she would frown at a husband is when he assaults his wife just to have sex with her.

The actress who got married to her hubby in February this year, said the she believes it is wrong for women to tell their husbands they aren’t in the mood for sex.

According to her, when a wife is not in the mood, she should just open her body and when her husband penetrates her, she will eventually get into the mood for sex.

“You are not in the mood? Open it. When he enters, you will be in the mood” she told married women.” The actress captioned the video.

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