“His name is Biodun Fatoyinbo” – Actress Genevieve reacts to allegations levelled against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

“His name is Biodun Fatoyinbo” – Actress Genevieve reacts to allegations levelled against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

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Veteran Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji has joined the list of celebrities to call out pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA over his alleged rape case with Busola Dakolo, the wife of singer, Timi Dakolo.

Genevieve Nnaji who described Busola Dakolo as a brave woman has taken a swipe at those defending the rape act.

The actress also called the clergyman an ‘alleged rapist’, while sharing his photos.

See screenshots;


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    She said he raped her? I still can’t believe it. A pastor raped you, yet u got wedded in his church, accepted his car as a wedding gift, dedicated your kids in his church,went to an all expense paid trip to Dubai courtesy the pastor. My sister there us more to this. Probably u guys were even dating but he left u and married another so u want to pay him back. My sister go rest. Let God be the judge, if he actually did it, let God reward him accordingly but if u are lying,the punishment will be too…..

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      KBanks 2 weeks ago

      Auntie, were you present at the wedding ceremony? Did you also take pictures with her when she accepted the wedding gift? You possibly also danced with her during her childrens’ dedication in the church abi?
      Wehdone ma.

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    Omokafe David 2 weeks ago


    I could recall in eon’s past where a woman caught in an act of adultery was to be stoned to death but was first brought to Jesus so He could pass judgment on her. The amazing thing was this. His judgment was not on her but on those whose righteousness was such that they could not live with any who has committed the very act of adultery whereas there lives were the very theater where iniquity found expression. Jesus said to them let him without sin be the first to cast a stone of which none of them was free from. John 8:3-8.

    I Decided to begin with the above to unveil the quagmire of man that has befallen our time. Many wants to bring into light the errors of others neglecting the fact that, Living in an environment where error is a climate would prevent one from passing the right judgment unless one cleans up his own mess first so he can see with all clarity. Sir before you talk about the sin’s of your brother, Are you without sin? Before you consider dealing with the offense of your neighbor are you without offense? How sweet is it to be in an office of discipline when you yourself has infirmity in discipline. This I want you to take to heart. To correct your neighbor please make sure your own obedience is complete.
    I want to pen this truth right inside your heart dear reader.
    Its alarming to see the rate at which certain persons rise up against Several servants of God. Many are been accused of theft, immortality and the likes. Whether this is true or not, its not in any humans responsibility to throw a finger against any. I say this not to side any who is been accused rightly or wrongly but knowing the dangers that comes to a person who he speaks against God’s anointed I humbly counsel. Most servants are called fake, foolish, devils may be due to their actions but can I ask you a question, did God ask you to judge them?

    Did God permit you to speak against any he has called to work for him? do you know heavens record about your own life? Why not allow God judge whoever he called.

    The devil seeks to use any medium to pull whosoever that seeks to do the will of God, especially those who are genuinely called. He has an agenda which many had partnered with him unknowingly through their Mr Over Righteousness mindset. Satan’s reason for raising up an issue, concern, accusation on any servant is just for one reason. And I will tell you.
    Matthew 26:31
    Then Jesus said to them, You will all be offended and stumble and fall away because of Me, this night [distrusting and deserting Me], for it is written, I will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered(Msg).

    The above scripture makes it clear on why several uprising emanates against several servants of God. The reason is so the flock of God under his care can scatter but I laugh that devil. The devil is scared of what your life will amount to in God, so, he brings up issues to sway you off your followership. You should be ashamed of yourself as a flock under an authority speaking against him/her because of what people are saying. You should be ashamed of yourself, if after many years of followership, you couldn’t defend your pastor, teacher and mentor but rather speak against him. I know how such people end, they end with a curse. Ask the sons of Noah especially Han (Genesis 9:20-25) he will tell you what his actions brought to him and his generation. Never make the nakedness of your father a subject of discussion, you and your generation could end with a curse. The emphasis for your pastor’s attack is you and not him. The devil wants to take you off his covering so he can strike you.

    Can’t you see? Never make the nakedness of your father a subject of discussion I say again.
    Am sorry for those who have made themselves judge over whatever that has befallen not just servants of God but their fellow neighbor. You are sowing a seed that you will never shy away from its fruit. God is not a native doctor. You will always reap what you have sown. I could recall a story I heard years before now:
    A man was caught sleeping with his secretary and those under him took turn to restore and pray for him. They both vowed not to tell anyone about it. One of those who vowed not to tell anyone, went on air and made the person become a laughing stock, his work suffered loss. But do you know the amazing thing? Seven years later the same person who went on air was caught on the same act with his own secretary. He reaped what he sowed. Life will give back to you what you sowed into it.
    There are biblical ways of restoring not just servants of God but your fellow who has erred and it has worked a great deal. You don’t help God by hurting his folks. As a matter of Fact you become an enemy. Look at this:
    BRETHREN, IF any person is overtaken in misconduct or sin of any sort, you who are spiritual [who are responsive to and controlled by the Spirit] should set him right and restore and reinstate him, without any sense of superiority and with all gentleness, keeping an attentive eye on yourself, lest you should be tempted also.(Amp)
    Galatians 6:1 Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out.(Msg)

    √. Correct by Love
    When God opens our eyes over an error is not so you could destroy such a person with your words and comments but rather so you could correct such a person. The bible lays how we should do it, through love. Tell me, that person’s name you drag on social media to soil his/her reputation was it in the spirit of love you did it? No. You didn’t do God a favour by doing such. It would have been better to remain quiet.

    √. Restore at the place of prayers.
    I do not care who you are or what you stand for, you have no right to speak against who ever you have not prayed for. Dear christian brother and sister that claims he/she is righteous, when last did you pray for your pastor, teacher, mentor?
    I want to conclude by saying, its our responsibility to restore whoever has fallen and not to talk against them. If truly we claim to follow Christ then we must follow his pattern of restoring the fallen. He told the woman caught In adultery, I don’t conderm you. Instead of speaking against any body whether guilty or not, let’s restore them with love and meekness not neglecting the fact that we too can be ensnared.
    I love my Father, pastor and mentors. I am praying for them. None of them will fail, fall or faint. Do you love your pastor? If yes please pray for them.

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      Michael 2 weeks ago

      For those of you who has taken it upon yourselves to judge on behalf of God and to condemn, remember Mirian and Aaron when they spoke against Moses the servant of God in Num 12:1-16. Though their reason we’re justifiable because Moses went and married an Ethiopian woman against the instruction he gave to the children of Israel, but God was angry with them and Smit Miriam with leprosy. Be careful and always tread with caution against any Man of God.
      Remember what Apostle Paul through the auction of the Holy Spirit said in Rom 14:4. I wouldn’t have been concerned if it were Muslims that are taking to the street with placads, the difference between Christianity and other religions is that while other religions fight for their god, our God fight for us.
      Have you sit down and think of the implications of what you join the bandwagon to do, how many souls God will lose through this action, am not justifying rape per say but am looking at a better way to sought the issue to the glory of God.
      In 1cor6vs1-8, laying emphasis on verse 7, is it not better to suffer wrong than to cause multitude of souls to be lost, I write this weeping 😭😭😭.
      Oh! If only you know what you cause God for this singular act, the souls that has been lost after the suffering of Jesus to get them saved. What Will you tell Jesus, that you couldn’t bear it?, While he suffered all manner of humiliation to save you. Tears wouldn’t let me to continue, I have many things to say, but I am only praying for God’s Mercy upon the Church of Christ.

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    Esther 2 weeks ago

    Dear brothers and sisters, God knows the best. However, rape trauma is not that which leaves your mind easily, be it virgin or not t virgin added to the fact that you will not be encouraged by the societal norms this makes it lingers in one’s mind. Fear of Mother could create scene that could stigmatized the girl, reducing your self-esteem, your self-worth even from your immediate family esp. When you are from a polygamous background… If you don’t experience it can’t really tell, what it means and what would have been your reaction. I pray permanent healing to whoever have been a victim, true repentatance for culprits all over the world and sanity in our society and cleansing in the church and all pulpits.
    Having said this, be careful not to mock anyone who falls irrespective of the status. Only the grace of God assures you standing, your morality can be too weak on your testing. Shalom!

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    Favvy 2 weeks ago

    I think u all are taking this too far
    Let’s sit,reason together and investigate well instead of putting the church and the pastor into jeopardy
    For Christ sake,he is a pastor and the fact that he is anointed by God is enough for us tread with care
    Curses will not solve this issue at hand rather it will prolong it

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    Debbie sani 2 weeks ago

    Nobody as d right to judge anybody,we shld b slow to speak,d story is complicating,she was 7yrs,as at then was d man in guestion a pastor,if not den we are miss judging cos we all have our pass.pls am not saying rape is a good thing,pls my advice to u both,let Christ b our goal n let him judge.

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    Isaac cuba 2 weeks ago

    This is a lesson to all clergymen not only in Nigeria but all around the the globe it’s a shame to Timi dakolo, this is a revelation to you for you the know the kind of person you married as a wife for over 13yrs she kept this away from you. Now the pastor has changed a look on her she has to tell the whole world.why did she tell u about the other once. I pity ur marriage life. Make my words tommorow this whole thing will turn against you. And it will ruin ur carrier,these same people who has raised alutu for you, will be same people to stand against you. Mr Timi Dakolo. You took the wrong step.its not to late try and make it right. Thanks

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    this how tribulation start for Christians, some their image must be spoiled, some will be killed while some will be put in prison. so for those who knows what time it’s should be prayerfully. thanks!

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    kinggie 2 weeks ago

    My question is why now? who else was aware of that? was her father aware of it? how old are you now? well, I will not conclude.mrs timi just know someone will use this against you or your husband someday.

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    Genevieve! Don’t allowed the devil use you. If your a true believer, why do pray for mercy? Have mercy Lord, have mercy Lord? Better repent and give your life to Christ Jesus. Why can’t you pray for him? Instead laughing at him? God for give us in anyway that we offend you through this conversation.

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      Mbok, shut up there which devil is using her. You all should go and read your Bible and give your life to Christ genuinely. Anyone that stands on a pulpit is a man of God to you

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      Pls mind your business…she has the right to voice her opinion.

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    M.S Mangam 2 weeks ago

    It’s not possible, there must be blood if she’s a virgin.

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    blessing 2 weeks ago

    if busola is really raped when she is 18yrs as she said, while is she saying it now if she want justice to be done for you while exposing in social network instead of going to the court, let me tell you what you are doing look suspicious to me because something that happens if is happen years ago that you are revealing now what will you gain in revealing it? as a woman I am, you are disgracing yourself & exposing yourself & your family to the world, you want people’s pity am sorry for you because you don’t know what you have to yourself, nobody does not have a past is when they said it that you will know. am not supporting any of you only God knows the truth. the reason of blame you in this situation is by revealing your past while God have bless you with husband & children, are you not satisfied for what God have done for you? if is true.

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      An ambassador 2 weeks ago

      I’ve never heard such a ridiculous thing before especially not from a person whose supposed to be a woman. You’ll surely have female kids only God knows what you’d teach them, this same don’t speak out thing, be happy about what God gave you. All nonsense. You’re a disappointment to womanhood. This matter is a sensitive one and its so disappointing that some ladies are joining some stupid men to treat such a case without regard and care. Only God can save you from this my pastor this my pastor that, and He will open your eyes to see that some are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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        Bliss 2 weeks ago

        Judgement is of the Lord, am so ashame that we so call Christians are the first to condmn and judge one another. Am not in support of rape but let judgement be of God. He known the truth. Which of U was there when it happened, so of U condnming the man of God, have U no past wroster than his…..U without sin cast the first stone.,..we are bringing the church of God down with our words and action ..it time to pray for our pastors because they are humans like me and u. David, Solomon, Abraham, committed sins in the Bible but it was God that judge them not humans. Let learn to careful in condnming and bring down the church of Christ

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    segun 2 weeks ago

    dz so called celebrities re illiterates and they r animals..see dz olosho Genevieve self dey talk..useless set of ppl..if d busola girl has a case, let her go to court and prove her case there. social media trial is useless and is for undue attention

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      khadifa 2 weeks ago

      Oga, we need go back to your institution and collect part of your school fees because its obvious that your parents wasted their resource on you. congratulations, you are more foolish that fools wonder how you think!

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    dz so called celebrities re illiterates and they r animals..see dz olosho Genevieve self dey talk..useless set of ppl..if d busola girl has a case, let her go to court and prove her case there. social media trial is useless and is for undue attention

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    fatima 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know if he did it or not, only God knows, but what i do know is that in our country even in this new age people still cover up rape because of what people will say or how they will look at them and their family. So parents don’t want people to know their children are rape victims, they prefer to cover it up and keep it buried forgetting the psychological trauma the child will go through.

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    hector 2 weeks ago

    Useless Nigerians, non rationalist 

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    Adekunle 2 weeks ago

    see celebrity supporting celebrity group of hypocrites. The question is why now? who do you report to? were you conscious? who else knew about it? how much were you paid to shut up? I rest my case.

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    esther 2 weeks ago

    whether she was a virgin at den or not…its not only those DAT ae virgin that are been raped…so far it wasn’t wv her consent and he took advantage of that situation… it is rape…guys u ae jux talking abt rape u know nafin of…its not as easy as u jux see and watch in movies

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    Please don’t judge the pastor yet ooo let’s investigate 

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    richytony0147@gmail.com 2 weeks ago

    it’s very possible to disvirgin a girl without blood coming out, and also the victim might be afraid to shout. but at age 17 she must have little sense, but there are some people who have rapid growth, but didn’t have sense. my opinion is that they should investigate this case properly, because some people are there to spoil other person image. I’m not defending or supporting anyone of them, I’m just saying what I felt.

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    Osaiya Aminu. 2 weeks ago

    Randy pastors everywhere.. hypnotizing the people, abusing ladies,rippling the congregation and smiling to the bank.We are in trouble because no one can check them cos if you do,you will be accused of Islamizing Nigeria.

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      julius 2 weeks ago

      yes M0HAMED Also married 16yrs old girl shame on you, go ahead islamize nigeria.

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    Jerry 2 weeks ago

    She is a blatant liar, a blasphemer and a blackmailer.

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    CHIDOZE 2 weeks ago

    please when was this incident happened? why did they wait until now? why is this coming up now? a17 years old girl? the girl is old enough to report this incident to the police or her parent or even some of her friend….Hmmm!!!!this case is somehow!!!! make e no be this thing I dey think be wetin una wan do this PASTOR and his family and his ministry?? look this case get ..K..leg oooooo!!!!!!

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    And he raped and disvirgined her without the sister upstairs seeing the blood stain? Haba na!! First time sex it very painful that if she was actually raped her sister would had noticed it from her steps. Imagine forceful virgin sex!!! I don’t smell foul here I smell rats as well!!

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    OptimusIBK 2 weeks ago

    she wasn’t a full grown lady when she was raped (Twice) in her father’s house and in a secluded area in Ilorin , she was “17” she just graduated from secondary school….So be that as it may, let the law take it’s course!…let justice be done even if heavens will fall! but heavens Will not fall, heavens will rejoice! #IstandForJustice!!

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    Ladies is it possible for one man to rape a full grown lady without her consent? No scares, no injuries?

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      Yes it is possible.
      Rape is sexual assault without the consent of the individual. A rape can occur without scars or even physical affliction. for example, if the rapist is stronger than the survivor the person be overpowered….

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        Longs 2 weeks ago

        And the victim kept quiet when he said she will like what he is about to do, and she just kept quiet, saying she was scared because he is an ex cultist, haba, check am well, she like the whole thing if not she will struggle to break free for the virginity she said u cheerish, or is she not thought well in her FCS in the school, why rush to clean the blood, is she even a virgin at all at the time of the claimed rape?

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        Then why wait this long to open up? How can she prove the allegations when she doesn’t have any proof which is the primary thing in convictionof rape case.

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        Stephanie 2 weeks ago

        Please let’s not judge 
        First why didn’t she complain then? Maybe she loved it. 
        Second that was his past even if he did it, it’s bygone. 
        Please be careful of what you say about a man of God because they are God’s vessels. Remember the case of Mariah Moses sister in the Bible. 
        Please I no support I just dropped my comment. My opinion