Anambra: Moment suspected fake lawyer got arrested in courtroom (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the moment a legal practitioner was whisked away from court for allegedly being an imposter.

The incident happened during a hearing at a High Court in Anambra state on Thursday, June 13, 2024. He was declared a fake lawyer by the judge.

lawyer arrested in court

He could be seen walking to the front and trying to defend his client when he was ordered to stop and taking off his robe.

The presiding judge could be heard ordering security agents in court to arrest the man after which he was then escorted outside the premises.

Watch video below:

In reaction, officialgboi said; Please get that Lawyer a Lawyer to defend him.

emmanconsider; This is impersonating the judiciary

mrlukeson; Chief judge sounding like a tout. Must be Wike’s kind of judge

ukshoppingwithtessy; Hunger made him discover his talent

official_frank_nation_; When our president is forging certificates who are we citizens not to follow his footsteps 😂

____________kw; Na mumu still they sub dstv! Nigeria too funny 😂

phil_elfresh; If na me him dey defend…I go begin dey cry before them remember me😩😩😩

lady_evelle; I had one in my former office. He posed himself as a lawyer and even writes agreements for clients. I blame my late principal for enabling him to be an impostor. Law practice in Anambra State though!

fizkid_agbaawo; He’s a lawyer Nigeria system is fucked up 😆, you don’t have right to anything anymore lol😂 , if he’s a fake lawyer will he go to the court.

Don’t you guys think at all? He’s a lawyer but avoiding some violent there , cause the judge as commanded the police to arrest him already , we all know the judge as more power than them lol.

mamuyanjefo; Which kind wàhálà be this😂😂🙄 Barrister @kemi_toriola please what’s the penalty of being an impostor lawyer in court?

pretty_tyke; Because him sabi win argument that’s why him say make him go try him luck for court 😂😂

craftainkunoks; The effrontery to appear before the federal high court is laughable. He should have stayed at the magistrate courts.