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American rapper, Dr Dre gets Nigerian name



American rapper and music producer, Dr Dre has gotten himself a Nigerian name, courtesy of record producer, Pheelz.

Dr Dre said he has adopted the name, Mayowa, which is of Yoruba origin and it means the bringer of joy.

Pheelz recently linked up with him and some other top artistes like Diddy in the United States and he shared video as well as photos from the meeting.

In a clip he posted on Twitter, Dr Dre said that Pheelz gave him the name and he sent a shout out to Nigeria.

”What’s up Nigeria? I’m here with my man Pheelz and he just gave me a name, Mayowa. I just wanna say peace and love, this is Dr Dre coming at you fro California”, Dre said.

Pheelz shared wrote on Twitter; ”Gave @drdre a Nigerian name 🇳🇬 MAYOWA 🇳🇬 // meaning : JOY BRINGER// 👑🐘”

See the post below:

Similarly, American singer, Solana Rowe popularly known as SZA stirred reactions when she adopted a Nigerian name in 2019.

She gave herself the name “ Amarachi Chinonso’’ and updated it on her official social media page.

The name ‘Amarachi’ is of Igbo origin, and it means ‘God’s grace’ while Chinonso means, ‘God is close’.

Excited fans wasted no time in sharing their thoughts as they took to the comment section of her instagram handle to express delight, saying they were proud of the African- American artiste for “identifying with her root.’’

Some other users went further by asking the music star to disclose why she decided to go for a change of name and the inspiration behind it.

Obsessed_style said; Shoutout to @SZA for being an absolute Queen. We’ve always love you but now our love for you is X3. Igbo kwenu!

Igbogirlbrunch said; Amarachi!!! Jodiepetite said, 11a Nigerian babe.

Kelechikakesss said; 11 If you Nigerian can you tell us because we wanna know ASAP

Itslavivi said; Can you please tells us the inspiration behind the Igbo name in your bio?

Majesty_lyn said; Omg you’re Nigerian!!!!!!! I’m screaming

Zizilords.xo said; Chineke such beauty!!! Daluu ooh#igbo_sister.

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