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American protesters sing Sinach’s Waymaker to seek God’s protection as they march on the street (Video)



Following the death of African American, George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis officer, Derek Chauvin and three other officers, protests have been raging on tn the US.

Protests started out in the city of the sad murder, but it has now become nationwide with even foreign countries like New Zealand, UK and Nigeria joining.

There have been several reported cases of Americans being brutalized while protesting, many have been arrested while there are cases where some are shot with either live rounds or rubber bullets. Many protesters have been left badly injured as a result of the police officers and use of excessive force in trying to quell the riot.

A video from one of the protests has gone viral and gotten the attention of Nigerians because it involves American citizens singing Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach’s Waymaker to seek God’s intervention and protection as they march on.

Watch the video:

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