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Alleged serial thief caught at Ubi Franklin’s son’s 5th birthday party



A man alleged to be a thief was reportedly caught red handed at Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro’s son’s birthday party.

Ubi shared a video on Instagram showing them interrogating the man. He is alleged to have been caught stealing at two different occasions previously but was pardoned.

In the video, Ubi is heard shouting at the alleged thief after being caught again at his son, Jayden’s 5th birthday over the weekend.

“See this idiot. You wan come spoil my pikin birthday. You dey mad,” Ubi told him.

Another man is heard in the video saying that that alleged thief was caught at an event a day prior after he stole a phone, but he was spared.

Someone else claimed the man was caught stealing in Harvesters Church.

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