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All the answers to Nigeria’s challenges can be found in the Quran – Islamic scholar



An Islamic cleric, Ganee Suleiman has said that the solution to all the socio-political and religious challenges in Nigeria can be found in the Holy Quran.

He spoke during the annual Ramadan lecture organised by a community leader, Azeem Owe in Itire-Ikate, Lagos state.

This is also as he advised Muslims to be agents of positive change and good ambassadors of the religion of peace.

According to Suleiman, politics is an integral part of Islam hence why it is mandatory for all Muslim faithful to participate in ensuring that good governance is entrenched.

He said; “The glorious Quran touches on every aspect of human lives including politics. It is a code of life that guide and teaches every Muslim how to live a better life. Talk about politics, a true Muslim is expected to uphold justice and tolerance which are the ingredients required to promote public interest and peaceful society. But unfortunately these two ingredients are missing in our politicians.

Many of them are intolerant and unjust in their handling of the affairs of the country which is why we are having challenges of insecurity, economic and youth restiveness and armed banditry. A true Muslim without doubt will be a just political leader whose heart will be filled with fulfilling the needs of the people.

A politician that fulfils the five pillars of Islam and practice the ways of the prophet of Islam will definitely not rig election nor sponsor thugs to disrupt election process because with that Islam in him, he will know things of this world is temporary and you will give account of how you acquire everything you had even if its a dime.

Therefore, we cannot separate Islam from politics because Islam preaches equity, justice and good governance. Islam ensures equality between citizens and between the leader and the led.”

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