“All Nigerians wanted was good life” – Rapper, Erigga laments over worsening hardship

Nigerian Hip Hop star, Erigga has expressed worry over the rising cost of foodstuff, exchange rate and hardship in the country, all caused by terrible leadership.

The rapper said that he loves the country, but he is tired of things getting worse and people being unable to afford the basic necessities.

According to him, all Nigerians ever wanted was to have a good life, however, they cannot have that because naira is now $1/N1500, and people are forced to cook pot of stew with little amounts.

In a series of posts on his official Twitter account, Erigga wondered who the citizens offended for them to be subjected to the kind of suffering being experienced.

Erigga tweeted; “All Nigerians wanted was Good life no be this YEYE POT OF STEW WHEN DEM DEY USE ₦1500/$1 cook … WHO WE OFFEND self ?

I love Nigeria na country…. $ heading straight to 2k but na fxxk be most of us problem… no Wahala oh. People don Dey enter rocket Dey leave this earth some people Dey one side Dey drag Jollof 💨📝”

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Meanwhile, in related news…

Nigerian actress, Foluke Daramola, has said that though she is affected by the bad economy, she does not regret campaigning for Bola Tinubu in run up to the 2023 general elections.

She spoke in an interview as she revealed that she has not lost hope and she believes that government is working towards easing the people’s suffering.

Daramola said; “It is not like if any other person had been there, it would have been better, because the economy was already terrible before Tinubu came to power. Even though it (economy) is affecting my pocket deeply, the truth is that for gold to come out well, it has to be refined in fire.

“We (supporters) have not lost hope in President Bola Tinubu, but we are hoping that things will get better, and I am sure they are working towards it. If the refineries in the country are working, we can be sure that fuel prices will reduce. Change can be excruciatingly painful, but we are hoping for a better tomorrow.

“It has affected me, because I now have more mouths to feed. There are people I usually send money to, no matter how little, but these days, even the one sent to them is not enough.

“Christmas is about giving and being able to support one another and make them feel loved. It has affected me, because I have more responsibilities to fulfill, and also show love to people around me. That has ‘tested’ my pocket”.