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Alibaba answers his social media follower who asked if it is wise for Christians to marry Muslims



Popular Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, who on his social media platform replied one of his followers who asked a question about inter-faith marriage, has been hailed over his reply.

Alibaba took to his Instagram page to share a post about couples with different interests being happy. He wrote;

But with maturity, that is built on understanding, tolerance, actualization of personal goals, financial security, good job, opportunities in the National economic space where they reside and of course level of exposure, it can be easy. The post did not say impossible. It said harder. And just for those hard of comprehension, your personal goals and their actualization is huge chunk of your happiness level.


However his follower who reacted to post, asked;

“For a Christian to marry a Muslim, can this cause unhappiness too?”

Replying the question, Alibaba stated that a marriage lasts because of the couple’s maturity, tolerance and personalities, and not religion. His reply reads;

@obkwils there are Muslims married to Christians and they are still married. 30 years after. They go and attend their different religious affiliations. But there are pastors married to Christian’s and it did not last. Even Pastor and Pastor Mrs break up. It’s not Religion that keeps the marriage together. It’s the couple’s maturity, tolerance and personalities (character, upbringing, education, exposure and who they have become with a mix of all that)

Alibaba had also stated before now, that any pastor who assent to same sex marriage is a sinner, and therefore has no right to preach.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Ali baba noted that once a pastor can agree to same sex marriage which is against what the Bible states, then other things written in the bible can be changed. According to him, Pastor these days alternate the Bible to suit them.

Making reference to tithe controversy, he said if Pastors interpret based on what suits them, then tithes can be negotiated.

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