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Alex Otti to forfeit salary as governor for next four years

The Governor of Abia state, Alex Otti has announced that he will not take any salary for the next four years of his tenure.

He made this known on Monday while speaking at an event in Umuahia, the state capital. Otti said that since he assumed office on May 29, 2023, he has not received salary he is entitled to as governor.

Otti explained how the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly recently reminded him that he had not received salary for the past four months.

According to the governor, he decided to forfeit his salary because he does not need the money and can take care of his family with his own money.

He said; “The speaker reminded me that I have not taken salary for 4 months, and I will not take for 4 years. I have only one wife and 3 children, and we can take care of ourselves.”

In another news…

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano state lauded a young man simply identified as Yusuf Sulaiman Sumaila for returning to government coffers, the salary received through his dead father’s bank account.

According to Abdullahi Ibrahim, Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Digital Media, Sumaila’s father died in October 2022 but the state government continued to pay his salary until August 2023.

He said when the deceased civil servant’s son noticed the error, he returned the salary which totalled N328, 115.75 to the state and notified the government of his father’s demise.

The statement read; “Yusuf stated that the state government had continued paying his late father’s salary into his account after his death in October 2022 until August 2023, when he made an official request for the payment to be stopped.

To the governor’s satisfaction, Yusuf also requested to return the backlog of 328,115.75 to the government, for which the governor personally invited him to his office to thank him. Remarking, the governor commended Yusuf for his remarkable gesture, urging other young people to emulate him and uphold the value of honesty”.